DNA Profiled Hangin' Tree Cowdogs

Listed Results

Updated 2/25/2019

  • This is a list of the results. Certificates will NOT be listed on website. Please contact DNA administrator if you have not yet received your DNA certificate.

  • Dogs are listed in DESCENDING order of their registration number for easy look-up

  • If a dog was appendix papered when the DNA kit was ordered, it's name will be its registration number. An appendix papered dog doesn't have an official name so we use the registration number.

  • If the dogs name is highlighted 'yellow' it is pending a correction on the certificate

  • If the 'Results' column and 'DNA #' column are both blank, the results have not been received from the laboratory

  • If the 'Results' column says 'Profiled,' the dog has been profiled but one or both parents have NOT been profiled yet

  • If the 'Results' column says 'Parent Verified' the dogs parents have both been profiled and the dog has been confirmed as their offspring

  • If the sires registration number is highlighted gray, he's been profiled

  • If the dams registration number is highlighted blue, she's been profiled

    • Most dogs will say 'Parent Verified' if the sire and dam have both been profiled but some results have not been updated at the laboratory and our records reflect that of the laboratories; please let Melissa Ogden know if your dogs results should say 'Parent Verified' but does not yet.

  • Any further questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Ogden, DNA Administrator at 417-830-9278