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Special Board of Directors Meeting

October 18, 2021

Seymour Rodeo Grounds, Seymour TX
President Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:20 P.M.


Board members present:
Shane Roberts   Trevon Ogden     Gary Huddleston     John Jacot     Kenny Heman        

Executive Director - Charlie Trayer        

Association Administrator - Melissa Ogden 
Guest – Jennica Wilcox 
Sec./ Treasure - WynD’ Lee Roberts


1st issue on agenda.
John Jacot made the motion to appoint a Sergeant of Arms.  Charlie Trayer second.
The Sergeant of Arms will serve at all board meetings and annual meetings. The duty of the Sergeant of Arms is to preserve order at all meetings and will serve 2-year term. Motion carried.
John Jacot made the motion to appoint Trevon Ogden to be Sergeant of Arms.  Gary Huddleston 2nd. Motion carried

2nd issue on agenda.
Approval of futurity pay out.
Everyone reviewed the pay-out. 
Charlie Trayer made the motion to accept the proposed pay out.
Trevon Ogden 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

3rd issue on agenda.
Charlie Trayer stated that he wonders if we need to have a Calcutta. 
Discussion ensued.

Charlie stated that when we originally decided to have a Calcutta it was to make extra money for the association and have fun.  Last year all the fun went out of it. All agreed.
John Jacot made the motion not to have a Calcutta this year.  Trevon Ogden 2nd. Motion carried.

4th issue on the agenda.
The Executive Board needs to have Executive Committees
At the present time the Executive Committees are but not limited to:

  • Constitution and bylaws - Chairman Jennica Wilcox

  • Registration – Chairman Melissa Ogden

  • DNA - Chairman Melissa Ogden

  • Futurity – Chairman Shane Roberts

    • Member Jennica Wilcox

  • Sponsorship – Chairman 

    • Member Janet Rettenmaier

  • Merchandise – Chairman Melissa Ogden 

5th issue on the agenda.
How the proposed changes to life members in the bylaw amendments will affect the quorum.
At present time we have 80 life + 70 regular= 150 members @ 20% quorum = 30 members needed to have meeting.
Currently, a bigger portion of the life members must be present to meet the quorum. 

What the new Bylaws will require for meeting attendance:

(quorum ONLY counts life members that are ALREADY present)

70 regular members @ 20% = 14
70 regular members + 10 Present Life Members = 80 @  20% = 16 members to meet quorum
70 regular members + 15 Present Life Members = 85 @  20% = 17
70 regular members + 20 Present Life Members = 90 @  20% = 18
2021- 17 life members present

-This makes it easier to have meetings.

Gary Huddleston made the motion to adjourn, John Jacot second. 
Motion passed    Meeting adjourn time 7:05 PM

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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