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2009 Annual Meeting

October 17, 2009


Shidler, Oklahoma


President Craig Jensen called the meeting to order at 1:10 P.M.


Roll call was taken by passing around a sheet for everyone to sign.


27 people present         19 current members present


Copies of the minutes from the last special meeting were passed out before the meeting so everyone could read them.


Don Russom made motion to accept minutes. Guy Mayberry 2nd the motion. Motion carried.


Members present had the opportunity to renew their membership for the 2010 year.


President’s Report:

Craig Jensen reported on whom the Board of Directors were and who were present. Directors present were Don Russom, John Jacot, Craig Jensen, and Charlie Trayer. Those not present were Sara McGinnis and John Lavelle.


Executive Director’s Report:

Charlie Trayer reported that we currently have 58 paid members. Since merge of ACA and HTCA there have been 46 litters registered and 42 dogs permanently registered. The association currently had $3846.48 in the checking account and $1976.20 in the savings.


Election of Directors:

President Craig Jensen explained that at the special meeting, after the merge of the two registries, it was unanimously voted to make Gary Ericsson a Lifetime Advisory Board Member at the 2009 annual meeting.

Two board members terms were up for election, Don Russom and Gary Ericsson. John Jacot made the motion to reelect Don Russom by acclamation. Gary Huddleston 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

Nominations for Gary Ericsson’s position: Nicole Rhodes nominated Melvin Cyphers, Melvin Cyphers nominated Marvin Pierce and John Jacot nominated Tim Miser. Anthony Arnold moved nominations close. Tammy Goldammer 2nd. Melvin Cyphers 8 votes, Marvin Pierce 1, Tim Miser 4. Melvin Cyphers elected.


Unfinished Business:

Don Russom moved to make Gary Ericsson a Lifetime Advisory Board Member. Anthony Arnold 2nd the motion. Motion carried.


Executive Director Charlie Trayer explained how John Lavelle, in the past, had given out litter numbers without certificates. The HTCA has honored these numbers but thinks at the end of this fiscal year they should not longer be accepted. Disccusion by Marvin Pierce about a litter that John Lavelle had given him numbers on. Charlie said these would be taken care of. Tammy Goldammer moved to no longer honor these numbers after 12/31/09. Charlie explained the association year ends 10/31 and would like this date to end it. Tammy Goldammer rescinded her first motion and moved to no longer honor these numbers 10/31/09. 2nd by Don Russom. Motion carried.


New Business:

Discussion on Life Membership – motion by Tammy Goldammer to take this issue before Board of Directors. Anthony Arnold 2nd. Motion carried.


Nicole Rhodes expressed that she would like for the Board of Directors to consider proxy votes.


It was confirmed that 2 dogs can work together to be approved for permanent registration.


Discussion on time and location of next annual meeting with much consideration to holding the meeting earlier than October based on weather, calving season, and shipping grass cattle.


Decision was made to have the 2010 annual meeting at Charlie Trayer’s Home, Seymour Texas. Date of meeting will be decided by board of directors.


Don Russom talked about some of the responsibilities of a director.


Marvin Pierce talked about a dog transporting service he is working on.


Don Russom moved to adjourn. Anthony Arnold 2nd. Meeting adjourned. 2 P.M.


Submitted by Charlie Trayer, Executive Director

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