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2011 Annual Meeting

October 22, 2011


Seymour, Texas


President Craig Jensen called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M.


Roll call taken with sign in sheet passed around before the meeting began.


Copies of minutes from last meeting November 6, 2010 passed out before meeting so everyone could read them.


22 present


Members present had the opportunity of renew membership for 2012 year.


Guy Maberry made motion to accept passed minutes. Charlie Trayer 2nd the motion.


President's Report:

Craig Jensen introduced board members and thanked Gary Ericsson for being there, and the association provided the meal.


Executive Director's Report:

$3,888.00 in checking $1,981.00 in savings


The reason the checking account is down Charlie had to buy new computer and printer to keep records on.


Registered 64 litters in 2011. Permanently registered 47 dogs in 2011.


Unfinished Business:

No unfinished business.


New Business:

Craig Jensen stated that we changed new registration papers as of today. All registration papers will be binding, according to this, a disclaimer statement will be added to the bottom the registration papers. The statements that are displayed on the registration papers are believed to true to the best of our knowledge and we are not liable for it if it says something wrong. If any of the papers are altered in anyway the papers will not be honored, the papers will be void. You cannot change a dog name on the permanent registration papers. Charlies been getting a few papers with changes on them and we are not going to be changing the dog's name. We are not going to allow it. lf you buy a dog and the papers have been altered or changed in any way you have to go backto the person you bought the dog from to straighten the problem out. It is not the responsibility of the association. It would be recommended to check out the person you are getting your dog from. Anthony Arnold asked about puppy papers if the color is wrong can it be changed, Charlie answered sometimes puppies change color from the time the litter is registered and this can be changed before they are permanently registered but check out your permanent papers when you get them and make sure they are correct. Question was asked if a data base could be made available of the dog linage. Craig explained at this time it would just be too expensive for the club, at this time just call Charlie. Kelly Williamson asked about a dog that has appendix registration papers with just a line though the name. Craig Jensen said, he thinks we may be able to work with that our intent is when people are altering papers and trying to sell dogs under a new name and a different breed. Charlie said, we may have to put up with some of this stuff right now, in the future these papers that get altered or get messed with well be voided, this is a registration certificate you don't have any business messing with it in any way as far as the information on it, if somebody wants to do this and sell dogs we should put restrictions on it. If Appendix papers are lost and you know who raised the pup and know the sire and dam and litter number and color we will do our best to straighten it out if the board of directors feel it is ligament, a lot of this is going on trust. Other new business we have a rotating board and two board members positions are up this year for renewal, Craig Jensen and John Jacot. Craig Jensen opened it up for nominations. Gary Ericsson stated he would sure like for these honest men to keep their positions. Tim Miser made a motion to keep Craig Jensen and John Jacot on as board members. Anthony Arnold second the motion. Membership approved with I's.


Craig Jensen presented Gary Ericsson with plaque of appreciation.


We may move meeting up north next year.


Repps Guitar made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Charlie 2nd the motion.

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