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2012 Annual Meeting

October 27, 2012


Lyons, Kansas


Meeting called to order 11:35 A.M. by President Guy Maberry.


22 members present.


President Maberry thanked J.P. & Becca Metzler for organizing this years facilities for the meeting and clinic.


Copies of minutes of annual meeting 2011 were passed around among membership. Tim Miser made the motion to accept the minutes to last years meeting. Motion was second by Melvin Cyphers. Motion carried.


Presidents report:

President Maberry reported that it has been a good year and gone along with no hitches.


Executive Director report:

Charlie Trayer also thanked J.P. & Becca Metzler, very nice facility and good food. The past year there have been 62 members. There have been 42 litters registered and 41 dogs permanently registered. At this time there is $4,180 in checking and $1,983 in savings. Charlie reported it also has been a good year and that everything has been going smooth. The one and only problem the past year has been one individual which continually tries to stir up trouble. The individual has been claiming there have been counterfeit registration papers being made with the explanation that made no sense. At the time it was discussed among the Board of Directors and decided to ignore it. Board member Sarah McGinnis suggested the association purchase an embosser and stamp all registration certificates. This was done and since the middle of the year all registration certificates have been stamped over the secretary’s signature.


The two rotating board members to be reelected or replaced were Melvin Cyphers and Tim Miser. Charlie Trayer made the motion to reelect Melvin and Tim for another 3 year term. The motion was second by John Jacot. Motion carried.


New Business:

It was suggested that on the association web site that on the members list that address and phone number be included. Nicole Rhodes suggested a breeders list with a $10 a year fee. After much discussion it was agreed to include address and phone number on membership list.


Gary Ericsson stated that anyone that has dogs or pups for sale to contact him and he would pass this along.


Unfinished Business:

None pending.


President Maberry asked for suggestions for location of next years meeting. After discussion on location and time of year nothing was decided on.


Melvin Cyphers moved meeting adjourned, Anthony Arnold second motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 11:55 A.M.


Submitted by Excutive Director Charlie Trayer

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