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2013 Annual Meeting

November 2, 2013


Gladewater, Texas


The annual meeting of the Hangin Tree Cowdog Association Inc. 11-2-13 was called to order at 12:45 P.M. by President Guy Maberry.


A sheet was passed around before the meeting for roll call. 19 members present. Also copies of minutes to last years meeting were passed around.


President Maberry thanked everyone for coming and Mike Wright and Melissa for hosting the event and the Victor dog food company for donating for the trial and asked the members to thank the representatives. President Maberry reminded everyone that only paid members can vote on any issues.


The minutes to last years meeting were approved.


President Maberry asked the membership that when on internet sites to please stay away from negative comments regarding anything to do with the Hangin Tree Cowdogs or the Association. He would like to see everyone working together.


Executive Director Report:


Charlie Trayer reported that it has been a good year for the association with very few problem issues. The membership is the largest ever with 92 members. The past year there have been 63 dogs permanently registered and 66 litters registered. The checking account balance is $2,832 and savings account is $1985.


Charlie thanked Jimmy Tillman and Mike Craddock for donating jackets for the trial.


Charlie talked about people all over the country raising, advertising and selling dogs and calling them Hangin Tree Cowdogs when they are not. It needs to be understood buy the public that if a dog does not have Permanent or Appendix registration papers it is not a Hangin Tree Cowdog. There have been several instances where people have been misled thinking they are buying a Hangin Tree Cowdog then find out later that they cannot get registration papers. Also there have been dogs showing up around the country that are very questionable as to what their breeding is that have registration papers.This is being looked into. Charlie also talked about people calling complaining about a bad deal they made with someone about a dog and want the association to straighten it out. It needs to be understood to the parties involved that any transaction made is their own responsibility. Any dealings with someone it is to your advantage to check them out and if you have any question as to their honesty you probably should not deal with them.


Tim Miser told about a scam where a person sent him a Federal Express money order to purchase a pup and prepay for shipping. It turned out before the transaction took place the money order was found to be a fake. Charlie Trayer also talked about bad checks and advised to be careful when making deals.


Jimmy Tillman talked about an article in an Angus publication about the Hangin Tree Cowdog that was very poorly done and incorrect.


Election of Board of Directors:


The two rotating board members due to be reelected or replaced this year are Guy Maberry and Sarah McGinnis.


Guy said he would like to continue if the membership wanted him. Sarah McGinnis was not present but had relayed that she would continue to serve but if the membership wanted to replace her she did not mind.


John Jacot moved to reelect Guy Maberry. Motion seconded and carried.


Tim Miser moved to elect Jimmy Tillman to replace Sarah McGinnis. Motion seconded and carried.


No unfinished business:


New business:


Charlie talked about the problem of dishonesty of people breeding and selling dogs. Gary Ericsson has got very upset about some of the issues that are happening and wanted to start a Black List of certain breeders. It has been discussed with the Board of Directors and decided to leave it alone due to the legal issues that might arise.


Charlie talked about the issue being brought up a lot about putting a breeders list on the association web site for a fee. Charlie questions who or what constitutes a breeder? At this time there are people all over the U.S. raising Hangin Tree Cowdog pups. There are many people no one knows. If all they have to do is join the association and pay a fee how does the association know they are a reliable breeder? This would make the association indorse them when not knowing anything about them and it could lead to many problems. It is suggested that breeders need to promote themselves.


Guy Maberry asked about when and where is a better time of year to have meeting? Not much discussion. Nothing decided on.


Melvin Cyphers moved the meeting adjourn. Seconded and carried.


Meeting adjourns 1:15 P.M.


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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