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2015 Annual Meeting

October 31, 2015


Seymour, TX   Seymour Civic Center


Prior to the meeting Executive Director Charlie Trayer passed out a Roll Call sheet for all members present to sign. Also copies of the minutes of the 2014 annual meeting and copies of the Constitution & Bylaws with proposed changes were passed out.


President Tim Miser called the meeting to order at 12:50 P.M.


40 members present         26 needed to meet the quorum


President Miser asked the membership to rise and introduce themselves one at a time.


Anthony Arnold moved to approve the minutes of the 2014 annual meeting, Jan Dawson second the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


President Report:

President Miser thanked everyone for coming and for the good turnout for our first futurity. Thanks to all the volunteers that have been helping. He said he thought our first futurity has been very successful so far and we should be able to make it even better in the years to come.


Secretary Report:

Secretary Roberts had nothing to report and referred the financial report to the Executive Director.


Report of the Executive Director:

Executive Director Charlie Trayer reported that 2015 has been a very good year for the association. We are getting much stronger all the time. The membership is the largest on record with 128 paid members. Charlie said he cannot thank everyone enough for all the support they have given the association and the futurity. Everyone owes a big thank you to O.B. Utley for getting Utley Cattle Co. and Fair Field Farm & Ranch for sponsoring our noon meal we have just enjoyed.


Charlie said he would also like to thank all the people who have stepped up and supported the futurity. Thanks to Jason Terrell for getting added money from Big Bend Trailers and Total Feeds, also thanks to Jason and O.B. Utley for getting so many sponsors giving prizes. Thanks to Dave Scott for giving added money. Much thanks to the members who stepped up and sponsored buckles and jackets. We owe Shane and Wyn’d Roberts a very big thank you for furnishing the cattle, feed and trucking for this event. And thanks to Boyd Burns for donating the puppy to the association to auction off at the annual meeting.


This past year we have had:

64 dogs permanently registered           176 litters registered


As far as the bank account goes what we have taken in today with the auction and raffle, $2,995 is about all we have.


At present we have in checking $624              Savings  $1,989


Election of Board of Directors:

Board members whose terms are up are Tim Miser and Mike Craddock


Jimmy Tillman nominated Tim Miser. John Jacot second.


Jimmy Tillman nominated Mike Craddock. Melissa Ogden second.


John Jacot moved nominations ceased, Jimmy Tillman second.


President Miser asked if there was any discussion. Jimmy Tillman said that he made the nominations with much thought and that Tim Miser and Mike Craddock have given the association much support and feel they should continue on as members of the board. Motion carried unanimously.


Tim Miser and Mike Craddock remain on the board for another 3 year term.


Unfinished Business:

            President Miser said that DNA testing is the next business that needs attention.


Charlie Trayer said that before we go any farther that the membership needs to know that the DNA committee members Melissa Ogden and Jimmy Tillman have worked hard to get this organized. Melissa has put in countless hours working on this and that if it was not for all her work we would not be nearly as advanced as we are and that we would not be ready to put the program in motion.


This was received by much applause by the membership.


Charlie said we need to discuss this and vote to implement the DNA program.


DNA committee member Melissa Ogden came forward and explained the process and procedure of DNA testing. Melissa answered many questions that were asked. (For complete DNA procedures and rules go the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association Inc. web site and look at DNA.) Starting November 15, 2015 we will have Phase 1, Voluntary foundation collection for six months. This will be for appendix and permanent registered dogs. All sires and dams that have produced progeny are encouraged to have a blood collection. To have a blood test there must be a member of the Board of Directors or the DNA Administrator present. If you do not have a board member in your area you can have an approved licensed veterinary do this. The blood will be placed on a blood card which has three different spots. A blood card was passed around for the membership to look at. The blood card will be cut into three parts and one part will go the laboratory in California, one part to the DNA data base, and the third part the association will keep. The Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association Inc. has legal custody of all DNA tests and records, no other organization or anyone else will have access to any of it. Phase 2, Mandatory collection will begin May 15, 2016. This will be done by cheek swab. As with Phase 1 a member of the Board of Directors or the DNA Administrator must supervise. In time, if and when the Board of Directors deems it unnecessary a supervisor will not be required. In all future Hangin’ Tree Cowdog trials all dogs entered will have to be DNA tested. You will order a DNA kit from the association for each dog. There will be a one time payment for all DNA work done. The cost will be $65 per kit. Melissa stressed that a DNA blood card can be contaminated very easily. Should this happen you will need to order another kit and pay another $65 so you must be very careful with the kit. Collection instructions will be included with the kit.


Charlie Trayer explained that in the upcoming vote on bylaw changes one of the major additions is Article IX  Section 1.  The Board of Directors and the DNA Administrator have complete control of all rules and regulations and procedures having to do with DNA testing. 


The reason for this addition is in the time to come with the new DNA testing and rules we may find that changes need to be made. If the DNA rules are added to the bylaws and a change to the rules need to be made to go forward with the program the DNA process will have to be put on hold until the next annual meeting or call a special meeting (which is hard to get a quorum for) to vote on the change.


Melissa explained that a lot of the guide lines for the rules were taken from the ABBI which does DNA testing on bucking bulls. Their program has been tested and proved to be very successful.


The question was asked about a suggestion made at last year’s meeting to try this with a few dogs before we go all in with it. Jimmy Tillman explained that we could not do this, it is too involved and complicated to do just a little bit. We need to be all in or all out on it.


The question was asked if it would be beneficial to test older dogs that were not fertile and the answer is yes. The more older dogs that we can add to the data base the better.


Jimmy Tillman made the motion to accept the DNA testing process as presented. Anthony Arnold second the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


New Business:

President Miser asked the membership if we would like to have another futurity next year. There was a large positive response that we do.


Futurity 2016          Where?         Board member Mike Craddock volunteered his facility at Marshfield, MO. at no charge. Mike explained he has indoor and outdoor facilities.  Charlie Trayer told the membership that Mike has a very nice facility. Charlie also said that probably the most important thing about having a good futurity and maturity was having enough and good cattle. Mike said that should not be a problem that he could get them. A motion was made by Jimmy Tillman to hold the 2016 Futurity at Hwy 38 arena (Mike & Stacy Craddock’s) at Marshfield, MO. Melissa Ogden second the motion. Motion carried.


When?          Charlie Trayer explained that we will have a different window of time available if the upcoming vote on changes to the Constitution & Bylaws passes. It was agreed to come back to this after the vote on changes to the Constitution & Bylaws.


There was some discussion on whether to raise the Futurity entry fees. J.R. Bailey said he thinks we should keep the fees low enough so a poor old cowboy with six kids and a beat up pickup can still participate. J.R. Bailey made the motion to keep the fees the same as this year. Jason Terrell second. Motion carried.


Constitution & Bylaws:     President Miser reviewed the bylaws and the proposed changes and additions. (To review the Constitution & Bylaws go to the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association Inc. web site.) 


Melissa Ogden made the motion to accept the changes and additions to the Constitution & Bylaws. Anthony Arnold second. Motion carried.


President Miser told the membership we could now vote on a time for next years futurity and annual meeting. After some discussion Jimmy Tillman made the motion to hold the 2016 Futurity on October 14 – 15 and Annual Meeting on October 15, 2016. If necessary do to a large amount of entries we can add October 13 to the futurity.  Anthony Arnold second. Motion carried.


Charlie Trayer explained that the Board of Directors have discussed the following issues through emails and phone calls and at the special board meeting October, 29 2015 have voted and agreed to the following increase in fees.


The membership needs to now vote to approve the following issues.


Charlie Trayer explained that the reason for the following increase in fees is that the association at this time is just barely getting by. The auction and raffle today will help a lot. Charlie said he did not know how many of the present members knew the history of the association but the money we have been operating on since the merge of the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog registry and the American Cowdog Association in 2009 is the treasury of the American Cowdog Association donated to our present Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association Inc. At this time the association is growing and getting stronger almost daily. There is going to come a time that we need money for some issue and we don’t have it. We need to generate more income.


Increase annual membership fees $25 to $30  per year. Start a Life Time Membership for $500 which will include a buckle with the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog logo, your name and life member on it, or the option of $400 without buckle. Anthony Arnold made the motion to increase annual membership fees to $30 and have the Life Time Membership as discussed. O.B. Utley second the motion. Motion carried.


Increase registration fees: The Board of Directors have voted and agreed to increase Litter Registration fees to $45 within the first 3 months, $90 from 3 to 6 months, and $135 from 6 to 12 months. Permanent registration to $30. Transfer of ownership to $15. Secretary fees stay the same. Jimmy Tillman made the motion to accept the increased fees. Jan Dawson second the motion. Motion carried.


Charlie Trayer explained that the Board of Directors have also voted and agreed to accept advertising on the web site. Mike Craddock made the motion to start accepting  advertising on the web site and to appoint an advertising committee. Second by O.B. Utley. Motion carried.


The advertising committee appointment is O.B. Utley, Jason Terrell, and Melissa Ogden.


Jason Terrell wanted to thank Carron Knight for coming to the futurity and taking pictures. The membership gave Carron a large applause. Jason said the pictures she has been taking will be available for all soon.


Mike Craddock made the motion to adjourn, Anthony Arnold second the motion. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourn 2:18 P.M.


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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