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2016 Annual Meeting

October 15, 2016


Moline, KS      –Jacot Ranch

Prior to the meeting Executive Director Charlie Trayer passed out a Roll Call sheet for all members present to sign. Also, copies of the minutes of the 2015 annual meeting were passed out for members to review.

President Tim Miser called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M.

34 members present                     27 required for quorum

President Miser asked the membership to rise and introduce themselves one at a time.


J.R. Bailey moved to approve the minutes of the 2015 annual meeting, Justin Dahl second the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


President Report:

President Miser thanked everyone for coming and for the good turnout for our futurity & maturity. The event is growing, one day longer with entries up from our 1st futurity & maturity and he was impressed by the number of good dogs. Thanks to the cooks who prepared the great meal we just enjoyed. Much thanks to Shane & Wynd Roberts and Gary Huddleston for sponsoring the meal.


Report of the Executive Director:

Executive Director Charlie Trayer reported that he really appreciates all that have come forward to make this year’s event successful. Charlie wanted to remind everyone that although he was not in attendance this year we should not forget Gary Ericsson. If it were not for Gary we would not even be here. We would not have the Hangin’ Tree breed and we would not have an association. Charlie said we all owe a great gratitude to John & Donna Jacot for sponsoring this year’s event. They have gone to a lot of trouble so we could have this event at their ranch and furnish the cattle and stand all the stress and shrink for the last 3 days at no charge. This is a big deal.

Charlie said we owe many thanks to the many sponsors and Jason Terrell who, when needed, prior to this year’s futurity stepped up and took charge. Charlie asked Jason to name all the sponsors that came forward.


Jason again thanked John & Donna Jacot for letting us use their ranch and cattle for this year’s event.

The major sponsors for this year’s futurity & maturity are:

Big Bend Trailers – Total Feeds – Charlies’ Cowdogs – Redstick Cowdogs – Ogden Cattle Co. - Double Diamond J Ranch – Dry Creek Ranch – Coldwater Cowdogs – Revival Animal Health

Jacket Sponsors:

Paul Lelinski - Jenson Gainer – Diamond J Stockdogs – Diamond J Veterinary Clinic – Dave Scott – Todd Messerley – Miller Cattle & Stockdogs – Lazy JR Cow Pirahnas – Wilcox Stockdogs – Rafter P Ranch – Anthony Arnold – Shawn Mills – Fowler Stockdogs – E Bar S Ranch – DQ at Mindon

Buckle Sponsors:

Boyd Burns – Shane & Wynd Roberts – Tim Miser – Bonnie Trayer – HC Dairy & Cowdogs – Paul Lelinski

Thank you to the judges: Tim Miser – Shawn Mills – Trevon Ogden

Thanks to Wynd & Kaiden Roberts for settling the cattle and doing a great job.

Much applause was given for all.


Charlie added that while we were thanking everyone we need to give Melissa Ogden a very big thank you for all the work she has put into the DNA program and the web site. Charlie explained how Melissa has put in countless hours working on both. Charlie asked the membership what they thought about the new web site and it was received with much applause.


 2016 has been a pretty good year for the association. There have been a couple of hitches along the way but all was handled.

We are getting much stronger all the time. The membership is the largest on record with 136 paid members, 17 Life members and 119 yearly members.

Charlie explained how it has been great the way the membership came forward last year with the auction to help with the finances. With the auction and raising registration fees we are in the best shape we have ever been. In the past we usually just kept our head above water. At the present time after the futurity & maturity is paid off we should have about $20,000 in our checking account and $2,000 in savings. This was received with much applause.


In the past year we have permanently registered 106 dogs and 86 litters.


Charlie asked the members when registering litters or permanently registering dogs to take the time and read the instructions on the application forms then fill them out ledge ably. Too many applications are not included or are not filled out correctly or where they can be read. Charlie stated that Melissa has it now where you can register a litter, pay your membership, fill out an application for permanent registration thru the web site on line.


Charlie stated that the DNA program has gone over good and asked Melissa Ogden, the DNA Administrator to give us a report.


Melissa explained that the DNA program is going really well. We were hoping that we would be farther along than we are at this time but the data base the association has cannot print out the certificates we need, which would state DNA verified or DNA profiled. The DNA people we deal with told us that they would provide a data base for us to use at no cost. This sounded great but this has not happened. It was supposed to be done and ready to use no later than March. We still have not received it and have decided to use a private firm to build us the data base we need. Melissa stated that if anyone would like DNA information on a specific dog to parent verify to contact her and she would provide it. Melissa also explained that anyone with multiple sired litters should go ahead and get them tested and registration certificates will be provided.

Bobbie Fowler asked if after members send in a sample and if they hear nothing back that they can assume all is alright? Melissa replied yes until we are able to send them a new certificate. If a dog is not alright we will contact you.

At this time, we are not making testing mandatory because of the aforementioned data base problems but we encourage everyone to go ahead and get it done because we will go to mandatory soon.

The question was asked how many dogs have been tested? Charlie stated that at this time it is right at 170 dogs.

Melissa added that while she was reporting that she wanted to let the members know that if anyone has any suggestions on making the web site better to let her know and it will be considered.

Melissa’s report was received by much applause.


Charlie brought up some issues that the board of directors have approved and need the memberships final approval.

First the board would like to put a limit on the spaces of a permanent registered dogs name. At this time there is no limit and some are taking this to the extreme. Some have had up to 35 spaces and this is too much to have on a registration certificate and all else that is involved plus when we start adding DNA numbers it will be even more so. Charlie said he has reviewed all registered names and any reasonable named dog can be done so at 20 spaces or less. J.R. Bailey asked if brands can be used in a name? Charlie replied that the computer will not type brands, but a brand can be typed out ( Lazy JR ). Charlie also would like to contact dog owners that have currant breeding dogs with long names and have them shorten the name to 20 spaces or less. Gary Sullivan made the motion to limit names to 20 spaces and change names on dogs that  need to be shortened. Todd Messerly second the motion. Motion carried.

Next Charlie explained that in the past and up until now when someone loses a registration certificate he has replaced it at no charge. Charlie said he is starting to get way too many of these requests and feel people are not respecting what a valuable document these certificates are and not caring for them. The board has approved that we start charging $25 to replace a certificate. The motion was made and second to start charging $25 to replace a certificate. Motion carried.

Next was election of directors. Jimmy Tillman and Grant Butler are up for reelection or replacing. President Miser said that Jimmy Tillman does not want to serve another term. President Miser asked for nominations. Gary Sullivan nominated Jason Terrell. Jenson Gainer nominated Trevon Ogden. J.R. Bailey made the motion that nominations are ceased. Shane Roberts second. Motion carried.

Anthony Arnold moved we accept the nominations, Jan Dawson second. Motion carried. New directors for a 3-year term, Jason Terrell and Trevon Ogden.


Next on the agenda was the 2017 futurity. Jason Terrell explained that he has been in contact with NRS (National Roping Supply) Ranch at Decatur, TX and they have offered to let us have the 2017 futurity at their facility at no charge. Jason described the many assets of their facility which would be very favorable. Everything we need we would have access to. We would get a lot of free advertising on their web site. If everything goes well they would like for us to make this an annual event at their facility. Jenson Gainer and Shane Roberts agreed to take care of the cattle needed for the event at no charge. Charlie Trayer said the association should stand the expense of trucking and any other expense they might accrue.

Jan Dawson made the motion to have the 2017 futurity at the NRS Ranch facility at Decatur, TX. The dates will be Oct. 12-13-14. Anthony Arnold second the motion. Motion carried.


Discussion on adding more classes to the futurity. The board agreed to look at it and see how it will fit in.


Charlie explained that there have been requests to lengthen the age of futurity dogs. The board has agreed to add 3 months for next year. The age limit will be 27 months meaning a futurity dog must be whelped on or after August 1, 2015 for next year’s futurity. Gary Sullivan made the motion to accept this change, David Scott second. Motion carried.


Wynd Roberts announced the winners of the futurity, maturity, and stud dog class. (You can go to the 2016 Futurity Results on the web site for results).


An addition this year was the calcutta. Everyone had a good time and it raised $706 for the treasury. Thanks to J.R. Bailey for auctioneering. Also thanks to J.R. for an additional $60 for his flash light sales.


Anthony Arnold made the motion to adjourn, Gary Sullivan second. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourn 3:15 P.M.


Following the meeting Shane Roberts donated a used Garmin Pro 70 6 dog unit to be auctioned off for the association. Trevon Ogden was the highest bidder for $475. Thanks to Shane and Trevon.


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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