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2017 Annual Meeting

October 14, 2017


Decatur, TX      –NRS Ranch

Prior to the meeting Executive Director Charlie Trayer passed out a Roll Call sheet for all members present to sign. Trayer also passed out copies of the 2016 annual meeting minutes and the guide lines for the “Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog” were passed out for members to review.


President Tim Miser called the meeting to order at 3:44 P.M.

37 members present 31 required for quorum


President Miser asked the membership to rise and introduce themselves one at a time.


Jan Dawson made the motion to approve the minutes of the 2016 annual meeting, Herman Cook 2nd the motion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


President Miser thanked Gary Ericsson, NRS Ranch, Jason Terrell, cattle providers Shane & Wyn’d Lee Roberts and Jenson Gainer, Judges John Jacot, Trevon Ogden, & Wyn’d Lee Roberts, secretaries Melissa Ogden & Jennica Wilcox, timers Gary Huddleston & Eric Wilcox, cattle haulers, and gate worker Herman Cook.


Executive Director Charlie Trayer thanked everyone that helped putting on the futurity. Everyone that had a job to do did it very well. Everything would not have gone nearly as smooth without them. Trayer also thanked membership for supporting the association and the futurity. Thanks to NRS and Sonny Miller.


Trayer reported that the association is doing very well. We have 154 total members, 28 Life Members and 126 Yearly Members.

As of 9-30-17 we have about $16,000 in our checking account after all futurity bills are paid. Also we have $1,993 in savings.

This past year we have had 94 dogs permanently registered and 94 litters registered.

Trayer reported that we have been having a lot of trouble with the data base we have been using and have been looking into others. He is currently using a new one

and thinks it is going to work out. Hopefully before too long he will be able to include an extended pedigree on registration certificates. This is something he has been trying to do for a long time.


DNA Administrator Melissa Ogden reported the problems we have been having, which have been many, are with the initial DNA company we started the DNA program using. The laboratory has been good but the data input coordinator we have to deal with has been pretty much impossible to get DNA results from. We have changed to another company and it seems to be working much more efficiently.

Melissa also explained many other faucets of the DNA program.


Futurity Chairman Jason Terrell reported that we will be at the NRS facility in 2018. The probable dates are October 9-13. The question was ask about what we will do if the entries keep increasing? Jason replied that he has discussed this with Charlie and maybe in time we will have to limit entries but we don’t expect to have to next year. Next year you will buy your food bracelets through NRS.


Election of Board of Directors – Tim Miser and Mike Craddock were up for reelection. John Jacot made the motion to reelect Tim Miser, Herman Cook 2nd, nomination close. Motion carried. Tim Miser will serve on the board for another 3 year term. Nominations to replace Craddock. Jason Terrell nominated Gary Sullivan. Gary Huddleston nominated JR Bailey. Herman Cook made the motion that nominations close, Dave Scott 2nd, motion carried. Both nominees were asked if they accepted the nomination and both said yes. For 2 nominations there was a ballot vote. Ballots were counted by the Board of Directors. JR Bailey received 25 votes and Gary Sullivan received 12. JR Bailey will replace Craddock on the board for a 3 year term.


Age of futurity dogs was the next issue. Currently the age is 27 months. Todd Messerly made the motion to raise the age to 30 months, Dave Scott 2nd.  Charlie Trayer said he feels that if we raise the age we might as well quit having a futurity, that he feels a 30 month old dog is not a futurity dog. Jason Terrell said we made a change last year, we can’t change every year. Gary Sullivan stated he can’t plan a breeding program for the futurity if we change the age every year. After discussion on the change Todd withdrew his motion and it was decided to leave the age at 27 months.


 New Business

The new issue this year is the “Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog”. The Board of Directors have been working on this for some time now and have put together a set

of guide lines to go by. To begin with this is not a contest to gather spoiled or bad cattle, it is not a contest of points and time. What it is, is a demonstration to show that your dog, male or female has discipline, obedience, and manners. The dog must hunt, gather, retrieve, and drive cattle in a controlled low stress manner. What it amounts to is showing that your dog is worth breeding to.

Each dog that meets the qualifications will be given the title of “Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog” highly recommended for breeding. This will be listed on the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog web site.   

Below is the guide lines that was passed out to the membership before the annual meeting.

“Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog”


· Qualifying dogs will be listed on the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog web site as a “Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog”, highly recommended for breeding.

· Will be given a special registration certificate.

· Will be listed on certificates of offspring.

· Must be permanently registered dog. Male or female. No age limit.

· $25 fee. If applicant does not qualify he/she loses application fee. They can reapply but must pay fee again. Limit 3 tries per day. No limit on number of times each dog can be applied.

· Three Board of Directors must be present to approve dog, directors will set or stand together and decision must be unanimous.

· Directors cannot approve their own dogs or any dog they are handling or a family members dog.

· Qualifying sessions will be 2 in spring and 2 in fall, location to be determined by directors. By request other qualifying sessions to be determined by Board of Directors. Several members wanting to qualify their dogs need to apply to the association and a place and time will be set up.

· Cattle should weight 400+ lbs. and be dog broke, not spoiled or fighting.

· Must have good fences, no other cattle across the fence before or during task.

· Handler can walk the pasture with his dog ahead of time if he would like.

· No electric collars.

· Dog must show it has manners and obedience.

Dog must obey the following commands when given.


 Down or stop

 Release from what he is doing (“That’ll do” or whatever the dog has been taught)

 Come behind or heel

 Load up – Whatever he is told to load up on, truck, trailer, bale of hay, feed bunk

 Get along with other dogs, not be looking for trouble


· Must gather and pen, in a retrieving manner at least 10 head out of small pasture. No help.

· Must hunt, find, gather, and bring out at least 5 head of cattle in brushy or hilly trap were the dog cannot see cattle from where he or she is sent. If there is wind dog can be sent into prevailing wind. No help. Time limit to be decided on the size and lay out of site.

· When sending dog to fetch or hunt handler can only move in a 30 foot radius from a given spot.

· Dog must prove it can handle and fetch cattle in a controlled manner.

· Dog must prove it can drive cattle away from itself in a controlled manner.

· Handler cannot go out to help or use another dog to help gather and control cattle.

· Handler can give commands.


Gary Ericsson was not present but he previously made the statement that with this new qualification who would want to breed to or buy a pup from any dog that did not qualify.

Trayer said that he feels this is really what all trained Hangin Tree Cowdogs should be able to do anyway. To this comment there were many heads nodding.

The board of directors also want to have control of the program so if any changes need to be made it can be done with out having to wait for another annual meeting.

After questions and discussion the membership was much in favor of the program. 

Jan Dawson made the motion to implement the “Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog” program. Gary Sullivan 2nd, motion carried.


Melissa Ogden asked for the members to plan for the auction next year so to make it bigger and better.

Melissa also asked for suggestions for web site if anyone had any.


JR Bailey thanked everyone for voting for him, and said he will try to represent the association and the breed Gary Ericsson has created the best he can.


Gary Huddleston made the motion to adjourn, Duane Webb 2nd, meeting adjourn 5:08 P.M.


Following the annual meeting the Award presentations were made.


Submitted by Executive Director, Charlie Trayer

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