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2009 Board of Directors Meeting

October 17, 2009


President Craig Jensen called the meeting to order at 2:15 P.M.


Board members present were Craig Jensen, Melvin Cyphers, John Jacot, Don Russom, and Charlie Trayer.


First order of business was discussion that John Lavelle wanted to be replaced on the board. Charlie Trayer nominated Guy Mayberry. No other candidates were nominated. Motion was made by John Jacot to replace John Lavelle with Guy Mayberry. 2nd by Don Russom. Motion carried.


Lifetime Membership was discussed at length with no decision made. Agreement to table the topic for present time.


Proxy vote was discussed. No one on the board was in favor of it. Melvin Cyphers made the motion to not have the proxy votes. 2nd by John Jacot. Motion carried.


Discussion on date of next meeting. No date was decided on and it was tabled.


John Jacot moved to adjourn. 2nd Don Russom. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 2:45 P.M.


Submitted by Charlie Trayer, Executive Director

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