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2011 Board of Directors Meeting

October 22, 2011


President Craig Jensen called the meeting to order.


Board members present were Gary Ericsson, Charlie Trayer, Craig Jensen, Sarah McGinnis, Melvin Cyphers, and Guy Maberry.


Old Business:

John Lavelle will send copy-right to Washington. Gary Ericsson will put the final touches on the logo. Guy Maberry asked to send copies to board members e-mail. Gary said it looks like a belt buckle. It was discussed to have the logo made into windshield stickers.


Charlie Trayer sent out web site information to board members and no one responded to e-mail. Board members responded they could not view e-mail.


Charlie stated it's not the association's responsibility to recommend where people are to buy dogs.


It was discussed that the video people send in to register dogs be not over 5 minutes long even if they have to edit it and someone else needs to be recording so the video is not moving all over.


Gary Ericsson stated that on in person reviews to register dogs two board members need to see the dog work. Guy Maberry stated that registration was in the by-laws and it was looked up. So, it was agreed that since it was written in the by-laws and needed member vote, that until next year in person reviews two board members would need to see a dog work.


Don Russom wants to be replaced on the board. Craig Jensen moved that Don Russom be replaced on the board with Tim Miser. Charlie Trayer 2nd, motion carried.


Craig Jensen made the motion to elect Guy Maberry to be president for the next year 2012. Motion carried. Melvin Cyphers elected vice-president.


Meeting adjourned.

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