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2012 Board of Directors Meeting

October 27, 2012


Lyons, Kansas


President Guy Maberry called the meeting to order at 12:00 A.M.


Board members present were Gary Ericsson, Sarah McGinnis, Melvin Cyphers, Tim Miser, John Jacot, Guy Maberry and Charlie Trayer.


Old Business:

Much discussion on registering dogs. Main point discussed was for in-person reviews that two directors approve dog. Gary Ericsson stressed this is for protection against complaints after dog has been approved. This is and has been an agreement voted on in 2011. On video and picture reviews if not approved by the secretary the person registering dog can request and second review, this is the way it has always been. Again it needs to be understood that video and picture reviews must show without doubt that the dog actually bites.


New Business:

Discussion on raising registration fees. All directors agreed that litter registration fees are too low. Tim Miser moved a 50% increase on litter registration fees. John Jacot second the motion. Motion carried. Registering a litter within 3 months of whelping will be $30, within 3 to 6 months $60, within 6 to 12 months $90, after one year the litter is no longer eligible to be registered. It was agreed upon that the permanent registration fee is too low. Charlie Trayer moved to increase this fee to $20, motion second by Melvin Cyphers. Motion carried. Membership fee will stay the same at $25 and transfer of ownership fee will remain at $7. Charlie Trayer moved these changes become effective Nov.1 2012. Motion second by Guy Maberry. Motion carried.


Gary Ericsson brought up discussion on secretary fees. Gary said he thinks the fee is too low for the amount of time that is spent doing this job. When the two registries were merged Gary wanted the sectary to receive all fees for a salary except the membership fees and they go to the association. Currently the salary has been $600 a year. Gary Ericsson made the motion for all membership fees to go to the association and to give the secretary all registration fees plus the $600. Sarah McGinnis second the motion. Motion carried.


Melvin Cyphers moved the meeting adjourn, John Jacot second. Meeting adjourned at 12:20 A.M.


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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