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2013 Board of Directors Meeting

November 23, 2013

Gladewater, Texas


President Guy Maberry called meeting to order at 1:20 P.M.


Prior to meeting Executive Director Charlie Trayer passed out financial report and minutes to 2012 Board of Directors meeting.


Jimmy Tillman moved to accept minutes of last year’s meeting. Second and carried.


John Jacot nominated for Secretary Treasure. Second and carried.


Much discussion on cost of meeting. Expenses for this year’s meeting was very much higher than expected. The HTCA does not make any money off the annual meeting. Charlie explained that the money the association has been operating on came from the American Cowdog Association. A lot of ideas were discussed on how the association might try to make money. Tim Miser suggested for a fee any member that would like an extended pedigree on any registered Hangin Tree Cowdog could order it from the association. John Jacot suggested a $12 fee, Tim Miser suggested $25.


Charlie donated his $600 salary for the 2013 year.


Charlie Trayer talked about problems with computer program. Again much discussion but no decisions made.


Discussion on changing permanent registration reviews to have the dog working alone without help from another dog. Charlie said he would like for Gary Ericssons approval before a decision is made. Charlie said he would talk to Gary about that.


Motion made to adjourn. Second and carried.


Meeting adjourns 1:55 P.M.

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