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2014 Board of Directors Meeting

October 18, 2014


Guthrie, OK    Holiday Inn Express Conference Room


Charlie Trayer called the meeting to order at 3:12 P.M.


Prior to the meeting Charlie Trayer passed out the minutes to the 2013 board meeting and also passed out the financial statement for the current year.


Directors present – Tim Miser, Shane Roberts, Grant Butler, John Jacot, Jimmy Tillman, Mike Craddock, Gary Ericsson, Charlie Trayer


John Jacot made the motion to accept the minutes of the 2013 board meeting. Jimmy Tillman second. Motion carried.


Financial report:

Gary Ericsson asked about the balance showing in the red. Charlie Trayer explained that $2,000 was paid to Mike Wright and the chuck wagon lady in the 2014 year but the expense should have been in 2013. Tim Miser asked what the bank balance is. Charlie responded that the checking is $1,162 and savings is $1,987.


Tim Miser made the motion to approve the financial report. Mike Craddock second. Motion carried.


Charlie Trayer donated his $600 salary back to the association for the 2014 year.


Jimmy Tillman explained to the board members that very few members know that we have been operating on money donated by the American Cowdog Association. Gary Ericsson asked about the registration fees. Most if not all of the board members think all the fees including the membership fee need to be increased. Discussion on fees was tabled for the time being.


John Jacot said he thinks we need to consider the Life Time membership. John feels that a certain amount of members would buy this. John recommends $400. Discussion on this but nothing decided.


Election of Officers



Jimmy Tillman nominated Tim Miser. John Jacot second. Motion carried.


Vice President:

Gary Ericsson nominated Jimmy Tillman. Mike Craddock second. Motion carried.



John Jacot nominated Shane Roberts. Mike Craddock second. Motion carried.


Charlie Trayer stated that Tim Miser as president will run a good organized meeting, something we have been lacking for the past 3 years.


Much discussion on registering dogs. A lot of different ideas were talked about. An agreement was made that not more than two dogs can work together when being reviewed.


John Jacot feels we need to insulate the registry and the executive secretary from the association. Too much politics involved.


The board of directors studied the current bylaws and proposed many amendments. Charlie Trayer will incorporate the new amendments into the current bylaws then email the proposed changes to the other board members and they can make additions or corrections. The final amendments will be brought before the membership to be voted on at the 2015 annual meeting.


DNA testing was discussed. Jimmy Tillman talked about the cost of testing and said it is hard to know for sure right now but it could be less than expected. Discussion on the committee, most if not all of the board felt we have a good committee in place. Charlie Trayer said he feels we need to be getting it started before we lose some of the old dogs that are still available.


Gary Ericsson made motion to adjourn. Grant Butler second.


Meeting adjourn 4:14 P.M.


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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