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2017 Board of Directors Meeting

October 14, 2017

Decatur, TX      -NRS Ranch

Prior to the meeting Executive Director Charlie Trayer passed out copies of the minutes of the 2016 Annual Board of Directors meeting and the 2017 financial report.

President Tim Miser called the meeting to order at 7:52 P.M.

Board members present were;

Tim Miser – Trevon Ogden – Shane Roberts – JR Bailey 

Jason Terrell - Executive Director Charlie Trayer

DNA & Web Site Administrator Melissa Ogden

Wyn’d Roberts to take minutes.

Trevon Ogden made the motion to approve the minutes to the 2016 BOD annual meeting. Shane Roberts 2nd. Motion carried

Trevon Ogden made the motion to approve the 2017 Financial Report. Shane Roberts 2nd. Motion carried

President Miser had nothing to report.


Report of Executive Director 

 No report at this time.


Report of Sec/Treasure nothing to report.


Report of Web Site/DNA Administrator

 Melissa Ogden reported on web site and DNA program.


Report of Judges

Write out a specific set of rules

Keep rules plan and simple     

Black/White   No videos


Report of Futurity Chairman – Jason Terrell

 Futurity 2018

 Much discussion of Stud Dog Class

 Nothing decided on at this time

 Much discussion on sponsors

 Some good ideas to check on

Much discussion on cattle charge

JR Bailey made the motion to have a cattle charge in 2018.

Jason Terrell 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

Election of Officers

President Miser declared he is ready to step down and let some one else take over. Tim Miser nominated Shane Roberts for president, Trevon Ogden 2nd. Motion carried.

 Shane Roberts nominated Trevon Ogden for Vice President, JR Bailey 2nd. Motion carried. 

Charlie Trayer nominated Wyn’d Roberts for Secretary/Treasurer, Trevon Ogden 2nd. Motion carried.

Charlie Trayer nominated Jason Terrell for Futurity Chairman, Shane Roberts 2nd.


President – Shane Roberts

Vice President – Trevon Ogden

Secretary/Treasure – Wyn’d Roberts

Futurity Chairman – Jason Terrell


Jason Terrell moved the meeting adjourn, Shane Roberts 2nd. Meeting adjourn. 10:30 P.M.

Submitted by Executive Director, Charlie Trayer

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