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2021 Annual Meeting

October 22, 2021


Seymour Rodeo Grounds, Seymour TX

President Roberts called meeting to order at 5:06 PM


Prior to meeting a roll call sheet was passed out.  Only current paid-up members can sign it.  30 members needed for quorum.  30 members were present


Approval of the minutes of last meeting.  There was no meeting in 2020 due to lack of quorum.

Several copies of the 2019 annual meeting minutes were passed out for review prior to the meeting.

Motion to accept the 2019 minutes was made by Herm Cook and second by Kenny Heman.

Motion passed.


Report of President

Shane Roberts thanked everyone involved in putting on the Futurity and said he feels it has been our most successful event to date. He also welcomed the new handlers and thanked the continued support of the handlers we see each year. He said we will use the same self-standing panels next year.  

Report of Association Administrator, Melissa Ogden


There was a question about removing deceased puppies from data base.  Melissa stated she is going to work on getting them “hidden”, not removed.


Report of Executive Director


Executive Director Charlie Trayer thanked all present for attending this year and stated he thinks we have had a very good event and thinks the futurity is doing what it was originated to do which is show casing the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog and making better handling dogs and better handlers and trainers. Charlie thanked all of our sponsors and stated we would not have nearly as good of an event without them.


Thanks went to Major $1,000 Sponsors –      Ogden Cattle Co

                                                                              Dry Creek Ranch (Gary & Margie Huddleston)

                                                                              Trayer & Roberts Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs


                  Saddle Sponsors -     Wayne Hunter & Pat Howard

                                                                              Dry Creek Ranch & Jacot Ranches

                                                                              Trayer & Roberts Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs


Charlie also thanked Melissa Ogden for all the time and work she does being the Association Administrator.  Charlie stated we are very fortunate to have Melissa doing the job she does and ask the membership to give her a big hand which they did.

Also, much thanks to Jennica Wilcox for all the work she does for us, she is always willing to step up no matter what is needed, also thanks to Eric Wilcox for all the help he gives us.

Also, thanks to Janet Rettenmaier for helping out so much.

Charlie feels we owe a big thank you to the Judges, Trevon Ogden, Kenny Heman, and J.B. Miller. Charlie thinks they do an excellent job and we are fortunate to have them, it makes our event much better to have good reliable judges.

Charlie closed by reminding everyone not to forget Gary Ericsson, none of this would be happening if it weren’t for Gary.


Amendments to bylaws


President Roberts stated that copies of the amended bylaws were emailed to all current members to review.

Charlie Trayer explained how the bylaws we have were originated from the bylaws we used in the American Cowdog Association over 25 years ago.  When the ACA and the Hangin’ Tree registry merged in 2008 the ACA bylaws were used for the new Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association Inc.  It has come to our attention that our bylaws need to be updated and amended.  Charlie stated that one of our biggest concerns is the quorum.  Last year we could not have an annual meeting because we did not have a quorum.  This year we are lucky that we met our quorum of 30 by having 30 members present.  Where our trouble lies is at the present time, we have a large amount of Life Members and very few come to the annual meeting.  This causes our 20% quorum to be hard to meet.  One of the amendments to the bylaws is Life Members only count to the quorum if they are present at the annual meeting.  This should make the quorum less hard to meet.


Kenny Heman made the motion to accept the new amended bylaws.  Gary Huddleston seconded the motion.


Motion carried


Unfinished business


No unfinished business


New business


Herm Cook made the motion in the trials to take away the fetch time and allow the handler to help the dog but decline getting the points for the outrun or fetch gate.  Second by Chris Price

President Roberts asked if there was any discussion?

JB Miller said he thought it was OK in the Youth, Novice, and Intermediate classes but not for the Futurity, Maturity, Supreme or Horseback classes.

Charlie Trayer stated that is not the kind of dogs we are breeding; we don’t want dogs that can’t go fetch cattle 40 or 50 yards without help.

Vice President Trevon Ogden stated he thinks we need to be making it harder not easier.

Kenny Heman stated we need to keep moving forward, not backwards.  We need to increase the difficulty of our courses.


Motion failed.


Maycon Moura made the motion to see if there is interest in holding a trial at his place at Weatherford TX in the spring.  Second by Karen Sanford



Eric Wilcox made a motion to amend the previous motion to appoint a committee to see if it is feasible to have a spring trial.  Second by Chris Price


Motion carried


Now the amended main motion to see if it is possible to have a spring trial.


Motion carried


Motion by JB Miller to increase the fee for Supreme Qualification to $50 instead of the $25 we now have.  Second by Jennica Wilcox


Motion carried


Charlie Trayer made the motion to limit the number of qualifying attempts to 2 instead of 3 we currently have.  Second by Kenny Heman


Charlie stated that most all of the time if a dog has not qualified in the first 2 attempts it’s very unlikely it will on a 3rd and it takes time and more use of cattle.


Motion carried


Election of Executive Board of Directors

JR Bailey & Kenny Hemans 3-year terms are up.

President Roberts contacted JR and Kenny prior to the meeting and asked if they were willing to serve another term.  Both said they are willing to.

President Roberts opened the floor to nominations.


Colton Gorrell nominated Kenny Heman and Jennica Willcox.


Chris Price nominated Herm Cook


Janet Rettenmaier made the motion that nominations cease.  Eric Wilcox second.




Melissa Ogden stated that Jennica has done a lot to help on all things and would make a great board member.


Vice President Trevon Ogden stated that a board member needs to uphold the breed and association.



Due to more than one nomination for a position there must be a ballot vote.


Ballots were passed out to current members then the Executive Board members collected the ballots and counted them.

The results were:   Kenny Heman 25

                                  Jennica Wilcox 27

                                  Herm Cook 6

                                  Non legible 1

President Roberts announced that Kenny Heman and Jennica Wilcox will serve a 3-year term.

Kenny Heman made the motion to adjourn.  Gary Huddleston second.

            Meeting adjourn time 6:25 PM


            Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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