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Executive Board of Directors Annual Meeting

October 23, 2021

Seymour Rodeo Grounds, Seymour TX

Prior to the meeting copies of the minutes to the 2019 annual Executive Board of Directors meeting (no meeting in 2020) and copies of the 2019 – 2020 financial report were passed out for review.

President Roberts called the meeting to order at 4:15 PM


Board members present; Shane Roberts - John Jacot - Gary Huddleston - Kenny Heman - Trevon Ogden - Jennica Wilcox - Charlie Trayer                                                                             

Association Administrator - Melissa Ogden

Sec/Treas – Wynd’ Roberts


Charlie Trayer made the motion to accept the minutes to the 2019 annual Executive Board of Directors meeting.  Kenny Heman second the motion.  Motion carried.


Kenny Heman made the motion to approve the 2019 – 2020 financial report.  Trevon Ogden second.  Motion carried.


President Roberts stated he appreciates all the hard work from everyone. Need to try to do the same next year.  Gary Huddleston thanked Shane for all his hard work.


The Association Administrator Melissa Ogden stated the DNA program is doing its job.  There have been some puppies not matching their sires and the DNA testing shows this. Much discussion on this.  Melissa has worked very hard trying to work with those responsible but this is a long process waiting for the members and then the lab to process the blood; she appreciates everyone for how patient they’ve been and how cooperative they’ve been, as well.


Executive Director Charlie Trayer thanked everyone for all their hard work and especially Shane and Wynd’.  Melissa has done a great job taking entries and all the other things that are involved with making this happen.  He feels this year’s event was probably the best ever and hopes it will continue. 

John Jacot stated that he thinks next year will probably see an increase in entries.  There were several new contestants this year that were misinformed about our event and how it is ran; all of them were very happy and expressed it many times.  There was some concern that we need to make adjustments to the intermediate and novice classes.


Election of officers;

Kenny Heman made the motion to leave all the officers the same.  Shane Roberts – President   Trevon Ogden – Vice President + Sergeant of Arms   Wynd’ Roberts – Sec/Treas

John Jacot second. Motion carried.



Unfinished business; 

Jennica Wilcox mentioned increasing the limit of money won allowed in the Intermediate but after much discussion all board members decided against raising the limit of money won in the intermediate. Much discussion on the novice an intermediate class.  Kenny Heman made motion to leave novice and intermediate class money won the same.  Jennica Wilcox second.  Motion carried.

Discussion on getting more sponsors.


New business;         

Macon Moura would like to hold a spring trial at his place at Weatherford, TX for the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association Inc.

Board members were in favor of it but need to get more information.  Kenny Heman made the motion to have Shane and or Trevon to get with Macon and make a contract.  What he will supply, what we as an association is responsible for?  Gary Huddleston second.  Motion carried.


We need to work on making the parking for spectators better and getting more spectators.


Charlie received a letter from John Lavelle (Attorney in Ohio) concerning being incorporated in Ohio which John had filed for us about 12 years ago.  It is time to file a Statement of Continued Existence.  John Lavelle informed us we could re-incorporate in Texas if we would like or he would continue to do it for us in Ohio.  The filing fee is $25.  Discussion from the board was due to the fact we are so spread out thru the U.S. we might as well leave it in Ohio.                            

 John Jacot made the motion to leave it with John Lavelle.  Kenny Heman second.  Motion carried.


Trevon Ogden made the motion to set the 2022 Futurity date at Oct. 17 – 22.  Second by Kenny Heman.  Motion carried.


John Jacot made the motion to adjourn.  Gary Huddleston second the motion.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourn       7:01 PM


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer


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