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2018 Annual Meeting

October 12, 2018


Decatur, TX – NRS Training Center

Prior to the meeting Executive Director Charlie Trayer passed out a roll call sheet for all members present to sign. Trayer also passed out copies of the 2017 annual meeting minutes and copies of the proposed Supreme qualifications for all present to review.

President Shane Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:50 P.M.

President Roberts asked if all members present had signed the roll call sheet.

43 members present, 38 required for a quorum.

President Roberts ask if all had a chance to review the minutes to the 2017 annual meeting.

Kenny Heman made the motion to approve the 2017 annual meeting minutes, Herman Cook 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

President Roberts said he had nothing to report at this time.

Executive Director Charlie Trayer thanked everyone present for being there and supporting the association. Trayer said the most important one to thank is Gary Ericsson. None of what we are doing would even exist if it weren’t for Gary originating this breed of dog. Trayer thanked Sonny Miller of NRS, stated that he has been very good to work with. Trayer also thanked all the sponsors and reported that this event would not be possible without them. The sponsors thanked were the following.

Major Sponsors $1,000

NRS (host)   Big Bend Trailers  Dry Creek Ranch  Ogden Cattle Co

Total Feeds  Redstick Cowdogs     Wilcox Cowdogs   Trayer & Roberts Cowdogs

Prime Sponsors $500

Hard Eight BBQ   Gorman Welding

Also, thank you to WynD & Kaiden Roberts for spotting and settling the cattle for this year and the past 3 years. They have always done an excellent job. Trevon Ogden, Kenny Heman, and WynD Roberts for judging, Trayer said he thought they have done an excellent job and a good trial could not be accomplished without good judges. Shane & WynD Roberts and Jenson Gainer for furnishing the cattle. Jason Terrell for all the work he does helping get things lined up for the event. 

Trayer also thanked all the directors for all they do and all the time and expense they put out for the thankless job they do. John Jacot and Tim Miser, Tim could not be here this year but John and Tim have put in many hours and expense to support the association from its beginning. Trayer said that John and Tim were gathering and penning cattle with Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs before most members had ever heard of them and he knew this to be true because Trayer sold them their first dogs. Also, thank you to Shane Roberts, Trevon Ogden, Jason Terrell, and JR Bailey. All of these directors want what is best for the breed and that is what it is all about. Thank you to Melissa Ogden, we are very fortunate that Melissa came along when she did. Melissa has been invaluable to the association for the DNA program and the Web Site. Thank you to Jennica and Eric Wilcox for always stepping up and helping with whatever needs done. They have done an excellent job this year by displaying an ongoing update to all the trial scores.   Thanks to Gary Huddleston for always helping out and also Herm Cook for taking care of the trial exit gate.   

Trayer said he feels the Futurity is doing what it was originally meant to do and that is making better dogs, better dog handlers, and better dog trainers. He said he feels everyone participating can be proud of what they are doing and how they are improving.

Trayer reported that the membership keeps growing, total members at this time is 194. Life members 42 and yearly members 152. That is up 50 members from 2017. The number of registered dogs this year is 106 and litters 108. Those numbers are also up from past years. In our bank account we will have in the checking about $12,000 after the trial pay out but there will be many other expenses yet to pay. We also have $1,995 in savings.

Trayer next reported that he feels that most of the membership does not realize how much the cost is to put the annual futurity on. NRS allows us to use this great facility at no cost but we have many other expenses. In 2017 our total cost was $24,000. $11,600 was covered by sponsors and the auction brought in $5,000 still costing us about $7,400. Some of the expenses were Feed for the cattle $1400, Cattle $5,000, Buckles $1,040, Jackets $3,700, the cost of the lunch room to hold our meeting was $500 plus many other costs like porta potties, advertising, the concert $500 and other things.

The total for 2018 will be more.

The next issue that was discussed was the Supreme Qualification. Trayer stated that the purpose of the program is to make top of the line cattle dogs, not puppy mill dogs and not rough and tuff dogs that cannot be controlled. Show the public that these dogs can be trained and controlled and handled as good or better than any breed of dog and handle cattle in a low stress manner. To begin with Trayer thanked JB Miller & Gary Sullivan for stepping up and hosting qualifying events. Trayer reviewed the 3 qualifying events of the past spring and described the good and bad factors of each. Several situations came up that had not been thought of ahead of time and needed to be addressed and added rules put in place for future qualifiers. To date 27 dogs have been qualified.   

Mike Massey expressed his concerns on Supreme dogs and handler meetings. It was agreed by all concerned that we need to do better.

Trayer stated that he has been receiving statements that some members are saying that their dogs are too tuff or have too much bite to be Supreme dogs. Trayer stated that this is BS. Any dog that is permanently registered can be a Supreme dog if it is trained right and handled right. Don’t blame the dogs for the way they are trained and handled.

President Roberts asked if everyone had looked at the purposed rule changes to the Supreme program. Much discussion. 

Gary Huddleston made the motion to approve the changes, Kenny Heman 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

Next on the agenda, DNA administrator Melissa Ogden reviewed the DNA program. Melissa reported that we switched to a laboratory in New York and things are going good. DNA samples are sent in bi-monthly. It takes 40 samples to fill a plate for testing. There have been a few that didn’t work and had to be taken again. At this time we have about 300 tested. Until we get a data base that can handle things correctly we will not start mandatory testing. Melissa stated that on multiple sired litters it is not recommended to submit a sire and his son for testing, they are too closely related and will require an additional fee of $100 for each parent and pup. On most multiple sired litters the sire is going to be the first sire to breed the female but for accuracy it is better to test.

Melissa Ogden also expressed the on going problems we have with the data base. Melissa has been working with Jennica Wilcox’s cousin which is an expert on this. Cost is the big thing. To purchase a data base that will handle all of our needs (dog records, member records, finances, email notices, registration certificates, DNA records, and much more) and will do so in the years to come is going to cost $10,000 or more. Trevon Ogden expressed that we need funds and sponsors for money to purchase an adequate data base. Much discussion on this.  

Futurity Chairman Jason Terrell reported that he feels everything is going smooth and we will return to NRS next year on Oct.7 – 12. Jason also expressed Sonny Millers concern about driving on the grass under the wet conditions. We need to be more respectful of the facility. We also will host a supreme qualifier next year when time permits. Charlie Trayer stated we will have to see how many entries we have before we can list a schedule.

Next of the agenda, Election of the Board of Directors; 

The 2 directors that 3 year terms are expiring are John Jacot and Shane Roberts. Melissa Ogden made the motion to reelect John Jacot and Shane Roberts. Kenny Heman 2nd the motion. Jan Dawson made the motion that nominations cease, Bob Roark 2nd. Motion carried. Nomination ceased. Jacot and Roberts will serve another 3 year term.

Unfinished Business. 

JR Bailey reported that Hybrid Lights have stepped up to be a major sponsor and have donated 100 flash lights to be sold. The lights cost $35 on line and we sell them for $30 or 4 for $100.                         

New Business; 

Trayer said he again wants to thank the sponsors that come forward and help but there are a lot of other people that are making a lot of money off of the Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs that don’t give a dime. Trayer said he would like to make the proposal that for each dog that is permanently registered and each litter that is registered a $10 Futurity Fund fee is included. This fund will be used at the next year’s event.

Charlie Trayer made the motion to include a $10 Futurity Fund fee to each permanent registration and each litter registration. Jan Dawson second the motion. Motion unanimously carried.

Melissa Ogden reported that at the past special board of directors meeting she proposed we have a puppy raffle to raise money for the association toward a data base. Trevon Ogden explained that members that want to step up and donate a puppy can do so and we will sell tickets for $100 each. After 25 have been sold there will be a drawing for the pup of choice. It will be a 1 to 25 chance. The winner is responsible for transportation. After the first 25 we will start over on second pup on choice. 100% goes to the association. The proposal was approved by the board and tickets are being sold. There have been 5 pups donated so far. Gary Sullivan, Ogden Cattle Co., Jason Terrell, Dalton Fowler, Trayer & Roberts.

Kenny Heman made the motion to raise the annual membership fees to $50 to help with expenses. Jan Dawson 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

Jason Terrell stated that all members should encourage sponsors, not just one or two people. Jason listed all the benefits of the different sponsorships.

WynD Roberts made the motion to adjourn. Jan Dawson 2nd. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourn 9:03 P.M.  

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer  

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