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2018 Special Board of Directors Meeting

October 8, 2018

Decatur, TX – NRS Ranch

Prior to the meeting Charlie Trayer passed out copies of trial class pay out and updated Supreme qualifications.

President Shane Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:39 P.M.

Board members present; John Jacot, JR Bailey, Shane Roberts, Trevon Ogden, DNA & Web Site administrator Melissa Ogden, Secretary Treasure WynD Roberts, and Executive Director Charlie Trayer

1st issue on the agenda; Futurity class pay out. WynD Roberts made the motion to approve the proposed pay out. Trevon Ogden 2nd. Motion carried.

2nd issue on agenda; Proposed changes to Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog program. JR Bailey made motion to approve changes, Trevon Ogden 2nd motion carried.

3rd issue on agenda; Data Base. Melissa Ogden explained the problems we are having getting a data base that is adequate for our needs. The data base we recently bought does not work correctly and the seller will not stand behind it. Melissa has been talking to another service that sounds like it may be what we need but is going to cost $10,000 or more. 

Melissa proposed having a puppy raffle to raise money to help pay for it. Any member that would like to donate a puppy can do so and we will sell 25 chances for $100 per pup. When 25 chances have been sold we will have a drawing and the winner gets their choice of pups. 1 in 25 chance. Winner is responsible for transportation. Then we will start on selling another 25 chances for another pup and so on. Much discussion on this. Trevon Ogden made the motion to have the raffle. John Jacot 2nd. Motion passed. Two pups were pledged at the meeting by Ogden Cattle Co. and Trayer & Roberts. Melissa stated she would start selling tickets the next day. 

4th issue on agenda; DNA program. DNA administrator Melissa Ogden reviewed the latest issues. Melissa stated that until we get a data base that can handle things correctly we will not start mandatory testing. Melissa stated to be cautious on multiple sired litters involving a sire and his son both breeding a dam and that it is not recommended to intentionally breed such because they are too closely related and could potentially require additional testing which would cost $100 per dog (sires, dam, and all offspring). On most multiple sired litters the sire is going to be the first sire to breed the female but for accuracy it is required to test because that is not always the case and we have had split litters.

5th issue on agenda; Funds for futurity. Charlie Trayer said that he does not think most members have any idea how much it costs to put on the futurity. Last year it cost us right at $24,000 and this year will be more. He appreciates the sponsors that come forward and help but there are a lot of other people that are making a lot of money off of the Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs that don’t give a dime. Trayer said he would like to make the proposal that for each dog that is permanently registered and each litter that is registered a $10 Futurity Fund fee is included. This will amount to about $2,000. This fund will be used at the next year’s event. JR Bailey made the motion to add the $10 to each registration, permanent and litter. Trevon Ogden 2nd. Motion carried.

WynD Roberts made the motion to adjourn, John Jacot 2nd. Meeting adjourn at 8:31 P.M. 

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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