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2019 NRS Ranch Proposal for 2020 - 2025

October 18, 2019

NRS has 3 yrs of vested financial commitment:

  • Mowing Pastures

  • Mowing fowl lines

  • Video / live feed

  • Announcers trailer


NRS needs:

  • Typical Rent for facility charge per entry fee agreement. (HTCA Choice of per handler or per dog fee(s) to reach minimum $3000.  Based on 2019 entries this would be roughly $200/handler or $30/dog)

  • Have to reach minimum $3000 profit the first year for NRS, but hope for more and this will increase over time.  

  • NRS needs to recover cost of past 3 years of expenses

  • Demonstrations throughout the year

  • Multiple Trial Events throughout the year.  Starting with a Spring Trial Event (3rd week of March)

  • Monthly story interviews with Members 

  • Minimum 5 yr commitment

  • NRS official sponsor level


NRS official sponsor level requirements:

  • List of all members

  • Ability to Contact members via mail & email

  • Sole source supplier of cake / tubs/ Priefert panels to all members

  • Buckles source through NRS, even at home events not part of NRS event

  • Contact new members to source buckles etc through NRS

  • Marketing of NRS


NRS will agree to continue providing previous amenities, as well as build cross fence, but need minimum 5 yr agreement with minimum $3000/yr profit.

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