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2009 Special Meeting

February 14, 2009


Charlie Trayer, President of the American Cowdog Association called the meeting to order.


Those in attendance were: Don Russom, Bob Welborn, Reps Guitar, Gary Huddleston, Anthony Arnold, Patricia Trayer, Charlie Trayer, Craig Jenson, Sarah McGinnis, John Jacot, Jeff Wiseman, Melvin Cyphers and Pete Mothersole.


Charlie reviewed for everyone what happen at the last special meeting; the voting on the merger of the American Cowdog Association and the Hangin Tree Registry. The count of the vote and the merger was voted in.


Financial Report:

Checking Account; $3,724.89 and Saving Account; $1,974.73


Issues to discuss:

New name of the organization: Hangin Tree Cowdog Association, Inc. The motion was made by John Jacot that this name be accepted and Anthony Arnold seconded the motion. All members voted unanimously to approve this motion.


Gary Ericsson given a lifetime membership: Anthony Arnold made the motion to approve this and Melvin Cyphers seconded this motion. Motion was carried by all members.


Stud book is closed: Charlie explained what was involved in adding a new blood line and why Gary Ericsson was opposed to adding new blood lines to the breed. John Jacot made the motion to close the stud book and Gary Huddleston seconded the motion. The motion was carried. Craig Jenson asked how we could list all the studs in the breed and who their owners were and how to contact them if a person was looking to breed one of their females. This discussion was tabled until later in the meeting. Patricia Trayer explained that there would have to be some kind of form for members to sign if they wanted their information listed for release to other members.



President; Don Russon made the motion to elect Craig Jenson as president and Pete Mothersole seconded the motion. No other members were nominated and Bob Welborn made the motion to cease nomination and Anthony Arnold seconded the motion. The motion to elect Craig Jenson as President carried.


Vice President:

Charlie explained that Don Russom was the VP of the ACA and Sarah made the motion that Don Russom remain as VP and Anthony Arnold seconded the motion. The motion was carried.



Charlie Trayer is now the Secretary-Treasurer of the ACA. Anthony Arnold made the motion to keep Charlie as Secretary Treasurer. Craig Jenson wanted some discussion in regards to this issue. He explained that Gary Ericsson wanted to keep Charlie involved in handling the registry to insure that it was done correctly. There was further discussion about appointing Charlie Trayer as an Executive Director appointed by the Board of Directors. This would be a permanent position until Charlie decides to step down from this Executive Director position. With this position Charlie would be responsible for the association and the registry including maintaining all the records of the registry. This position of Executive Director could not be replaced unless voted on by the Board of Directors. Because of this new position it would be necessary to appoint another member to the Secretary-Treasurer position.


Anthony Arnold asked if there wasn’t a time when Charlie had wanted to step down from the ACA. Charlie explained that he never wanted to step down but that he just wanted to have more members involved in the association.


Craig Jenson made the motion that we vote to fail the motion to keep Charlie as Secretary-Treasurer and that we vote to have the board nominate Charlie as Executive Director. This motion was seconded and carried by the members.


Board of Directors:

Charlie explained that with the merger it was agreed that John Lavelle, Gary Ericsson, John Jacot and Charlie Trayer would be on the new association board of directors. But with this new position he would not be able to be on the board. At this time he made the motion that Gary Ericsson be made a life time advisory board member with all rights and responsibilities and that we appoint another active board member. After further discussion the motion was made to make Gary an active board member until the next annual meeting and then make him a “life time advisory board member”. Along with this motion it was decided that John Jacot would serve a 3 year term as board member and John Lavelle would serve a two year term. The motion was made to accept this by Patricia Trayer and it was seconded by Melvin Cyphers. The motion carried.


Craig Jenson explained how a board of directors should function. Six board members should be elected for specific terms and out of those six board members they should appoint a president, vice president and secretary treasurer. The motion was made by Don Russom that we accept this structure and that Craig rewrite the by-laws to reflect this structure change. Jeff Wiseman seconded the motion and the motion was carried.


Charlie wanted to explain Gary Ericssons idea about paying the secretary treasurer for their time and effort. He wants to use the $25 membership fee to pay all of the association expenses and use the registration fees to pay the secretary treasurer. The discussion followed that we don’t want to get into the position that we are having to do a 1099 for an employee of the association. Craig explained that usually the Executive Director is paid for his serves because he will be responsible for all the duties. The motion was made by Anthony Arnold that we agree to pay the Executive Director whichever is less of the registration fees or $600 per year. Don Russom seconded this motion. The motion carried.


Registration of Dogs: Charlie explained that there never has been a rule that a dog can’t be registered after it is 4 years old and that this rule was just inserted in the registration form and had no merit.


Because of the merger with the Hangin Tree Registry, all dogs that have permanent or puppy papers that have been signed and approved by the ACA, Choc Ericsson, Gary Ericsson, Glenda Ericsson or the Hangin Tree Cowdog Association, Inc and signed by John Lavelle will be considered approved. Any other papers that have been signed by any other individual will not be accepted.


The by-laws will also be up-dated to reflect that all future dogs have to have the docked tail.


Also a new change will be that one board of directors could approve a permanent dog registration.


Craig Jenson made the motion to the above and Anthony Arnold seconded this motion. The motion carried.



Copies of the by-laws with purposed changes were handed out to the members present and all of the changes were reviewed. John Jacot made the motion to accept changes as written with leaving in the date listed in Article II section I. Anthony Arnold seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Fiscal Year:

The fiscal year has been changed to reflect the November 1-October 31 date because of collecting the annual dues. This was covered when reviewing the by-laws.


Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting time and place were decided at the last general meeting. The annual meeting is to be held on the third week-end in October and will be held at the home of Scott Garrett in Shidler, Oklahoma. If there is to be any change in this a notice will be sent to all members.


Web Page:

At this time there are several websites. The ACA, Hangin Tree Cowdog and Sarah McGinnis has a website of Hangin Tree Sarah is willing to turn this website over to the association if she can have future free advertising for her dogs.


Craig made the motion to take over the domain that Sarah has and that we use Sean (webmaster taking care of the ACA) to set up the web page and that the association accept that Sarah not be charged to advertise. Gary Huddleston seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Cowdog Directory:

Charlie explained that Tammy Goldammer-Stuart set this up and that only 4 members were using this service. Melvin was asked what he thought of this service and he explained that he didn’t think it had benefited him at this time. It was suggested that the association refund this money to the members who had participated. Melvin suggested that since the ACA website would remain in place until the year ended. Note: the ACA website will have a link to the new website once it is up and running. This motion was carried.


Charlie explained that this was all he had for the membership. Gary Huddleston made the motion that we adjourn and Don Russom seconded the motion. The motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by:

Charlie Trayer

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