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2016 Special Board of Directors Meeting

May 3, 2016

Oklahoma City, OK     National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

President Tim Miser called the meeting to order at 1:05 P.M.

Board members present, Gary Ericsson, John Jacot, Tim Miser, Shane Roberts, Jimmy Tillman, Grant Butler and Charlie Trayer. 

The reason for the special meeting was to discuss and vote on location of 2016 Futurity, Maturity, & Annual Meeting. Review the availability and cost of cattle to be used for the event. Decide whether or not to add another day to the event.

First on the agenda was the location of the futurity and cost of cattle for the event.

Executive Director Charlie Trayer explained that at the 2015 annual meeting Mike Craddock had volunteered to host the 2016 Futurity, Maturity, & Annual Meeting and have cattle available. The membership voted to accept his proposal and the dates would be Oct. 14-15. Recently Mike Craddock stated thru conversations, text messages and phone conversations has declared that there are certain individuals not allowed on his premises at any time including the futurity, maturity, and annual meeting. Some members have asked Mike  Craddock to reconsider but he said would not.

It needs to be understood that any Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association Inc. event is open to the public and no one is not allowed to attend.

Mike Craddock recently has stated that the cost of the cattle will be around $30 per head per run. Charlie Trayer explained at that projected cost of cattle we are looking at somewhere around $10,000. There will be about 20 entries in the futurity and about 20 in the maturity. At $30 per head X 3 = $90 per run X 40 runs each go round for 2 go rounds plus cattle for the finals.

Much discussion on our options as to where to have the event and available cattle.

John Jacot was generous enough to volunteer to host the 2016 event at Jacot Ranches and furnish the cattle at no charge. John said the only problem would be motels were not close but within about 40 minutes. Jimmy Tillman made the motion to hold the 2016 Futurity, Maturity, and Annual Meeting at Jacot Ranches. Gary Ericsson second. Motion carried unanimously.

Charlie Trayer explained that it looks like we need to add another day to our annual event. We have about 20 entries in the futurity looks like we will have about 20 in the maturity. With this amount of entries, we will need more time. To set the cattle and have an 8 minute run we will be doing good to run 4 to 5 runs per hour. We will not be able to run 2 go rounds in one day. We need one day for each go round and another day for the finals and annual meeting. After some discussion Jimmy Tillman made the motion to add another day, Oct. 13-14-15. Grant Butler second. Motion carried.

Charlie Trayer made the motion to adjourn, John Jacot second. Motion carried.

Meeting ajourn 1:45 P.M.

After the special meeting the board of directors discussed the lay out of the trial course. There will be 3 judges with Tim Miser as head judge. The futurity committee will establish about 10 obstacles along with the rules for each obstacle. The list of obstacles along with the rules will be sent out to the entrants ahead of time.

 The judges will pick 5 to 7 obstacles to use each day and decide the order and lay out of the course a short time before the trial begins.

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer


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