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2016 Hangin' Tree Cowdog Futurity & Maturity

October 13-15, 2016       Jacot Ranches

Thank you John and Donna Jacot for hosting this years Futurity & Maturity at Jacot Ranches in Moline, KS!
Much thanks to Shane & Wyn'd Roberts and Gary Huddleston for sponsoring the Annual Meeting meal.

2016 Futurity Results

                                                Dog                              Owner                          Handler                       Points           Winnings

1st Go Round 

1st place                          Dalton's Black Jack        Dalton Fowler              Dalton Fowler                     45               $ 423.00

2nd place                        Trayers' Buster               Charlie Trayer              Charlie Trayer                    45               $ 253.80

3rd place                        Wilcox's Slate                  Jennica Wilcox             Jennica Wilcox                  35               $ 169.20

2nd Go Round 

1st place                         Trayers' Buster                Charlie Trayer              Charlie Trayer                     50              $ 423.00 

2nd place                       Dalton's Black Jack         Dalton Fowler               Dalton Fowler                     45              $ 253.80

3rd place                        Trayers' Chalkie              Charlie Trayer              Charlie Trayer                     30              $ 169.20


Champion                      Trayers' Buster               Charlie Trayer               Charlie Trayer              135+281 sec.     $ 3,384.00+Buckle 

Res. Champion              Dalton's Black Jack        Dalton Fowler                Dalton Fowler              135+362 sec.     $ 2,030.40+Buckle

3rd  place                        Wilcox's Slate                 Jennica Wilcox              Jennica Wilcox                   60              $ 1,353.60

2016 Futurity Stud Dog Nomination:

                                         Trayers' Turbo                Shane Roberts                                                                               $ 450

2016 Maturity Results

                                                  Dog                              Owner                        Handler                           Points         Winnings

1st Go Round 

1st place                          Double J Cinch               Josh Waguespack          Jason Terrell                        45              $ 117.00

2nd place                        Hangin' Judge Bean       Jan Dawson                   Charlie Trayer                      15              $ 70.20

3rd place 7 way split                                                                                                                                     NT            $ 7.80

2nd Go Round 

1st place                          Double J Cinch               Josh Waguespack          Jason Terrell                        70              $ 117.00

2nd place                        Diamond J Newt            Jason Terrell                 Jason Terrell                         60              $ 70.20

3rd place                         Hangin' Judge Bean       Jan Dawson                  Charlie Trayer                       55              $ 46.80


Champion                      Double J Cinch               Josh Waguespack          Jason Terrell              130 + 110 sec     $ 1,1310.40 + Buckle

Res. Champion              Hangin' Judge Bean       Jan Dawson                   Charlie Trayer            130 + 288 sec    $ 561.60 + Buckle

Stud Dog Class

                                                Dog                                Owner                            Handler                       Points      Winnings

1st Go Round 

1stplace                            Double J Cinch               Josh Waguespack           Jason Terrell                       45           $ 108.00

2nd place                         Hangin' Judge Bean      Jan Dawson                     Charlie Trayer                     15           $ 64.80

3rd place 6 way split                                                                                                                                     NT          $ 7.20


2nd Go Round 

1st place                          Double J Cinch               Josh Waguespack             Jason Terrell                       70          $ 108.00

2nd place                        Diamond J Newt           Jason Terrell                      Jason Terrell                       60          $ 64.80

3rd place                         Hangin' Judge Bean      Jan Dawson                       Charlie Trayer                     55          $ 43.20


Champion                       Double J Cinch              Josh Waguespack             Jason Terrell                       140         $ 1,209.60 + Buckle

Res. Champion               Trayers' Jasper              Shane Roberts                   Shane Roberts                     95          $ 518.40 + Buckle

2016 Futurity Contestants


     Dog                                Owner                        Handler

Gainers Scout                 Jenson Gainer           Jenson Gainer

Redsticks’ Boots             Gary L Sullivan          Jason Terrell

H Cook’s Mimon            Herm Cook                 Herm Cook

4JB Tonto                        Jason Terrell              Jason Terrell

Redsticks’ Chief              Gary L Sullivan          Gary L Sullivan

Straight Arrow Sarah    Dave Scott                   Jason Terrell

Mississippi Kat              Jack Newsom             Jack Newsom

Redsticks’ Strike            Gary L Sullivan           Jason Terrell

Redsticks’ Janey            Gary L Sullivan           Keith Gilleon

D bar D Pops                   Duane Webb               Britt George

CT                                     J.R. Bailey                   J.R. Bailey

Hangin J Peetey              Jimmy Tillman         Britt George

2016 Maturity Contestants


       Dog                         Owner                       Handler

Trayers' Turbo         Shane Roberts           Shane Roberts

Trayers' Jasper        Shane Roberts           Shane Roberts

D D's Sport               Gary L Sullivan          Gary L Sullivan

Redsticks' Storm     Gary L Sullivan          Keith Gilleon

Kat Fish                   Gary L Sullivan          Gary L Sullivan

H Cook's Java          Herm Cook                 Herm Cook

Bar T Bear               Cary Trimm                J.R. Bailey

2016 Stud Dog Class Contestants


       Dog                         Owner                       Handler

Trayers' Turbo       Shane Roberts           Shane Roberts

D D's Sport              Gary L Sullivan         Gary L Sullivan

Kat Fish                  Gary L Sullivan          Gary L Sullivan

Bar T Bear               Carey Trimm             J.R. Bailey

We are very thankful for our sponsors for our 2nd Annual Futurity & Maturity

Jacket Sponsors

John Jacot

Red Stick Cowdogs

Jenson Gainer

Diamond J Stockdogs

Diamond J Veterinary

Dave Scott

Todd Messerley

Miller Cattle

Lazy J R Cow Pirahnas

Jennica Wilcox

Rafter P Ranch

Anthony Arnold

Shawn Mills

E Bar S Ranch

Dalton Fowler

Buckle Sponsors

Boyd Burns

Shane & Wyn'd Roberts

Tim Miser

Bonnie Trayer   

HC Dairy & Cowdogs - Herm Cook

Paul Lelinski

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