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Just bought a registered Hangin' Tree Cowdog or you've owned one for a while? Whether it's an Appendix Registered, Permanent Registered, or Supreme Registered Hangin' Tree Cowdog, you can transfer the dog to your name. How?​​ Become a member of the HTCA!

How to become a member:

Go to the associations Database and create an account and pay online or go to the Forms Page below the 'Registration' tab and print out the membership form and mail it with a check. You'll also want to add the appropriate amount for the transfer and send in the dogs registration certificate; the previous owner MUST sign at the bottom of the certificate to transfer to your name or you can request a transfer through the database and the previous owner can accept the transfer. If you're looking to Permanently Register the dog see below (additional fees required).

HTCA Registration Certificates:

First off, lets explain what these are... The Hangin' Tree Cowdog Association has three levels of registration for your dog.


  1. Appendix Registered (Blue Certificate): The first type of registration your dog receives as a puppy. This means when a litter was born the owner registered the litter with the association; the owner has up to 1 year, after the whelping date, to do so. The ONLY way to register a litter with the HTCA is to have a litter out of parents who are BOTH Permanently Registered with the HTCA. No exceptions. Once the litter has become registered, each puppy will receive a blue appendix paper. If you have 8 puppies in the litter, you will receive 8 Appendix papers that have a specific gender and color listed. Once a dog receives an Appendix paper it can be permanently registered an ANY point in its life.
    **In order to receive a new registration certificate the owner MUST mail in the old registration certificate. Owner can receive a new certificate after a transfer, permanent registration, supreme registration, or if the dog has been DNA profiled. The association will NOT mail the new one until the old one has been received.

  2. Permanent Registration (Cream Certificate): The second type of registration your dog can receive. In order to Permanently Register a Hangin' Tree Cowdog the dog must first have an appendix paper. If you did not receive an Appendix paper, that is between you and the previous owner; the association does NOT use the DNA testing for this. Assuming the dog has an Appendix paper (blue certificate) you need to become a member, transfer the dog to your name, and submit perfect photos to the association email and/or a video of said dog biting head and heels (all of this can be paid for all at once with a check or with separate transactions online though the database). Once you've became a member, paid for the transfer, and paid for the Permanent Registration we will then and only then submit your photos or video to the Board of Directors. They will review the photos and determine if the dog bit the head and heels on cattle. In order to receive a new Permanent Certificate with your name as the owner, you'll need to mail the old certificate to Melissa Ogden. You will NOT receive a new certificate until the old one has been received. Owners can also show their dog in front of two Board of Directors to be permanently approved.​ For more ​details on how to Permanently Register your dog, go to the 'Permanent Registration' page.

  3. Supreme Qualified (Yellow Certificate): The third type of registration your dog can receive but only after it has first become Permanently Registered. Supreme Qualifications are set up by the Board of Directors and each dog must complete a course and be approved by three Board of Directors. There is a list of qualifications and commands the dog MUST obey during the coarse; this course is meant to separate the Supreme dogs from the average dogs. This type of registration is not required to go through but highly encouraged as the Supreme Qualified dogs will be labeled as such on their offspring's certificates and are 'Highly Recommended for Breeding.' Click to see the full list for Supreme Qualifications.


Office Administrator who can assist you:

Melissa Ogden

DNA Administrator

Office Administrator


561 N Dade 41

Lockwood, MO 65682

Association email:

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