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2019 Annual Board of Directors Meeting

October 12, 2019


Decatur, TX – NRS Ranch

Prior to the meeting, Charlie Trayer passed out copies of the finance report.

President Shane Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:35 P.M.

Board members present were:
Shane Roberts      John Jacot      Trevon Ogden   

Jason Terrell      JR Bailey      Charlie Trayer
Secretary/Treasurer  WynD Roberts
DNA Administrator  Melissa Ogden

Web Site Administrator  Jennica Wilcox

JR Bailey made the motion to approve the minutes to the 2017 Annual Board of Directors Meeting. (There was no meeting in 2018 due to insufficient time.) Trevon Ogden second the motion. Motion carried.

President Roberts stated he had nothing to report at this time.

Executive Director Charlie Trayer said he feels the new database and the DNA program are doing great. Dog registrations and litter registrations are down but he feels this may be a good thing, quality over quantity.

Trevon Ogden made the motion to accept the 2019 Finance Report. Jason Terrell second the motion.

Discussion, Ogden stated the Futurity Fund has added up to a nice addition to the trial purses. Motion carried.

Secretary/Treasurer Wynd Roberts stated she has nothing to report.

Web Site Administrator Jennica Wilcox stated she has nothing to report.

Futurity Chairman Jason Terrell stated he felt this year’s futurity went very smoothly. Terrell reported where there was a misunderstanding on the price of the handlers back numbers and NRS gave us a good deal on them. It was agreed that they will be too expensive in the future and we do not need them.

Terrell stated we need to decide on where to hold the 2020 Futurity. NRS wants a 5-year commitment, higher fee plus many other stipulations. After much discussion, there was a proposal drawn up to present to Sonny Miller.

New Business Charlie Trayer said he feels we need to raise the fee for Supreme Qualifying. Trevon Ogden made the motion to raise the fee from $25 to $50. Jason Terrell second. Motion carried.

Discussion on complaints about fetch gate time. No changes were made.
Melissa Ogden stated she would like to see an intermediate class added to the trials. After much discussion, JR Bailey made the motion to add an Intermediate Class with the following rules. Handler is not eligible if he or she has won over $500 or has qualified a Supreme dog or entered in the Supreme Class. The handler cannot enter any other class except the Futurity Class. He or she is still eligible to enter the Futurity Class. The Intermediate Class will have the same rules as the Maturity Class and to save time will run along with the Maturity Class. Jason Terrell second the motion. Motion carried.


JR Bailey made the motion to move the entry deadline to July 15 on all classes except the Futurity Class which will stay on the same payment and late fee schedule. Anyone can enter after July 15 until September 1 with a $100 late fee. Jason Terrell second the motion. Motion carried.

John Jacot made the motion to reelect the current officers by acclamation. Charlie Trayer second. Motion carried.
President – Shane Roberts
Vice President – Trevon Ogden
Sec/Treasure – Wynd Roberts
Futurity Chairman – Jason Terrell


John Jacot made the motion to adjourn. Charlie Trayer second. Motion passed

Meeting adjourn 9:24 P.M.

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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