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2019 Annual Meeting

October 11, 2019


Decatur, TX – NRS Training Center

Prior to the meeting a roll call sheet was passed out and all members present were asked to sign.  40 members present   31 required for a quorum


Also prior to the meeting copies of the minutes of the 2018 annual meeting were passed out for the members present to review.


President Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:19 P.M.


Before the meeting started Charlie Trayer was presented with a custom-made pair of spurs for his many years of service to the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association. Jennica Wilcox shared with the members the level of effort that Charlie has put into the Association over the years.  Stating that no one can comprehend the amount of hours it takes to answer phone calls, approve applications, print certificates, and deal with member business.  The years that Charlie has dedicated to the association are much appreciated, and we wanted to give Charlie a little gift to show our appreciation for the many years of service for the betterment of the breed. 


Charlie was very appreciative of the award and thanked all for it. Charlie said to him it has always been about the dogs. He feels this is a very special breed and he wants it to be preserved and continue to improve. Charlie said that when Gary Ericsson asked him to take care of the registry years ago that he promised to take care of it the best he could for as long as he could. He feels it is time for the younger generation to take charge and feels that we are very fortunate to have Melissa Ogden and Jennica Wilcox come forward to do this. Charlie feels that Jennica and Melissa are very smart and trustworthy and will do an excellent job. To this statement there was much applause.


President Roberts asked if all members received a copy of the 2018 members meeting minutes.  He also asked if there were any revisions to the 2018 minutes.  No revisions were necessary.

J.B. Miller made the motion to approve minutes of 2018 annual meeting. Kenny Heman second the motion. Motion passed.


President Roberts reported that he feels the futurity trials have gone very good this year and he is proud of how things went.


Executive Director Charlie Trayer stated that he feels the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association continues to get better. He gave a big thank you to all members who have supported the association and continue to do so. Trayer also stated that he feels the futurity is getting better every year and the dogs, handlers, and the training is getting better. To him that is what it is all about.                           


Trayer also thanked the following 2019 Futurity sponsors.




Major Sponsors ($1,000)

Wilcox Cowdogs                 Dry Creek Ranch                 Big Bend Trailers

Hybridlight                         Hard Eight BBQ

Red Stick Cowdogs             Total Feeds              Ogden Cattle Co                

Lee HDC                               Trayer & Roberts Cowdogs


Saddle Sponsors

Wayne Hunter                    Trayer & Roberts Cowdogs


Jacket Sponsors

Travis Stone             Hitter Farrier Services                   John Schlichting

Wilcox Cowdogs       4 K Ranch                 Holbrooks Land & Cattle

Paul Lelinski             Carroll Messick                   Ernie Christmas                  

Bluff Valley Kennels           Andrew Baxter        Hollow Point Ranch          


Database Donors

Travis Stone             Eric & Jennica Wilcox        Trayer & Roberts                HC Cowdogs             Jacot Ranches

Mike Massey          Doug Gorman         Plus 2 anonymous donations

Trayer reported that the membership is down about 40 members from the previous year. At this time, there are 156 members. 57 Life members and 99 yearly.

After all expenses are paid for the futurity we will have about $10,000 in the bank.

Permanently registered dogs 59                       Litters 75         Both of these are down


Database Administrator Jennica Wilcox gave a report on registration approval.

Jennica explained the process of permanent registration. To begin with approval of pictures, video, or in person review the standards are going to be kept high. When she receives an application and either pictures or video of a dog she forwards the pictures and or the video to two random board of directors. The directors do not know who the owner is or know the dog. The dog registration number is needed with each application to keep application process organized.  If the two directors approve, registration moves forward. If either one or both directors disaprove the applicant is asked to send a better video or better pictures. If the applicant does send better pictures or video and is approved then registration moves forward and is completed if the application and payment is correct. Jennica explained that the applicant needs to make sure the dog is plainly biting head and heel or the application will not be approved. Video is best.

All registration applicants need to submit: clear pictures and/or video of dog plainly biting head and heal, dog registration number, dog registration application, registration fee, and appendix certificate.

New certificates will not be issued until appendix certificates have been recieved.


DNA Administrator Melissa Ogden reported on the DNA program.

            Starting November 1 2019 it is mandatory for all sires and dams of litters applied for to be DNA profiled.


Futurity Chairman Jason Terrell

            Jason stated he thinks the futurity has been running very smoothly. Using the new pasture has been a lot better for handling the cattle. The only complaint he has received is that a porta potty is in need at the handlers area.

Election of Board of Directors

The 3 year terms of Trevon Ogden and Jason Terrell are up.

Herm Cook made the motion to reelect Ogden and Terrell. Donna Jacot second the motion. Motion carried. Trevon Ogden and Jason Terrell will serve 3 more years on the board of directors.


New business

            Discussion on whether or not a Novice handler should be able to compete in the Futurity Class. J.R. Bailey made the motion to keep Novice Class entrants in the Novice Class and Youth Class if applicable, only. Carry Trimm second the motion. Motion carried.

J.B. Miller made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Eric Wilcox second the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourn 7:12 P.M.


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer  

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