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2019 Special Board of Directors Meeting

October 6, 2019

Decatur, TX – NRS Ranch

President Shane Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:25 P.M.


Board members present were;

John Jacot       Shane Roberts       JR Bailey         Jason Terrell         Charlie Trayer                    

Jennica Wilcox – Database & Website Administrator

Wyn’d Roberts – Secretary


1st issue on agenda.

Approval of futurity pay out. John Jacot moved to accept the pay out as documented.   Jason Terrell 2nd.    Motion carried.


2nd issue on agenda.

Insurance & waivers - Sonny Miller informed us that we had to have insurance a few days before the futurity started. Eric & Jennica Wilcox tried to locate an insurance agency that would cover us but no one would because of lack of time. Sonny Miller then agreed to add us to their insurance. At this time we do not know the cost but Sonny thought around $250. We were also informed that all people involved with the futurity need to sign a waiver. Jennica provided waivers for all to sign.


3rd issue of agenda.

Charlie Trayer stated that he feels social media namely facebook is hurting the association reputation. Trayer stated that he has had many people come to him or call him asking and remarking about certain Hangin’ Tree Cowdog people arguing and stirring up garbage on facebook. Trayer stated that it is not all of the people involved with the Hangin’ Tree dogs it is only one person stirring up the trouble. Most agreed this is not a good thing for the dogs or the association but no course of action was resolved.

To help mitigate the issue in the short term, the Association has changed the Futurity facebook page to the official Hangin’ Tree Association facebook page.  Melissa and Jennica will promote positive behavior and disallow behavior that will not promote the betterment of the breed on the official Hangin’ Tree Association facebook page.


4th issue of agenda.

Our 3-year agreement with NRS is expiring and we need to decide where we will go in 2020. Nothing can be decided at this time because we don’t know if NRS wants us to come back or if the stipulations will change or stay the same.


5th issue of agenda.

Jennica Wilcox addressed the problems she has been having with permanently registering dogs. A lot of the pictures and videos she has received are questionable as to whether or not the dogs are meeting the standards that are required for permanent registration. Jennica showed the board members a variety of the pictures she has been receiving. There was discussion on the pictures and videos that have been received and reviewed by the Board.  The board agreed that the review process has been fair and consistent for all members.  It was agreed upon among all directors present that the standards must be kept high and any dog that does not meet them will not be permanently registered.


John Jacot made the motion to adjourn. Wyn’d Roberts second.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourn 7:28 P.M.

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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