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2020 Special Board of Directors Meeting

July 13, 2021

Guthrie, OK – Holiday Inn Express Conference Room


Prior to meeting, Charlie passed out meeting agenda.


President Shane Roberts called meeting to order at 1:19 P.M.

Board members present were:

Shane Roberts, John Jacot, Trevon Ogden, JR Bailey, Kenney Heman, Charlie Trayer

Melissa Ogden – Association Administrator


1st issue on agenda; resigned seat on the BOD. President Roberts opened discussion about filling the recently resigned seat by Jason Terrell. Charlie Trayer said he talked to Jason at last Futurity (2020) and Jason agreed to resign; this was witnessed by Jennica Wilcox but Jason Terrell never turned in a resignation letter. President Roberts confirmed over a verbal resignation from Jason and he also stated he would not be submitting a resignation letter.

According to the by-laws a letter or resignation is not required.

Trevon Ogden suggested Gary Huddleston for filling the open board seat. Charlie Trayer agreed. Kenny Heman made a motion to appoint Huddleston. Trevon second the motion. Motion Carried.


2nd issue on agenda; DNA. Melissa Ogden stated that the DNA laboratory is now requiring the association to hold all DNA kits until there are between 20-30 kits to mail in at once; they said this will help with confusion. Melissa mentioned to Board members about having an expiration date on DNA kits for members to mail them back quicker. There are some DNA kits that have been sent out over a year ago and Melissa mentioned there’s no telling where those DNA kits have been placed because if they’ve been riding on someone’s dashboard then they’re probably no good and it’s at no fault of the associations.

The association will now receive 25% off the cost of buckles because the lifetime buckles had gone up and it was costing the association too much. The Board discussed changing the lifetime buckle; Melissa will look into what other options they have for us.


3rd issue on agenda; humane treatment of cattle. President Roberts stated concerns he’s having about the humane treatment of cattle during the permanent registration process. Charlie Trayer said it needs to be addressed with all members that common sense biting is all the BOD need; no dogs hanging on calves/steers. All BOD agreed they want to see humane biting for the sake of the association.

John Jacot mentioned that the association owns pictures sent to it during the registration process; the association should put a disclaimer on forms that the association owns the pictures. No motion made. President Roberts mentioned some pictures look like animal abuse. Trevon Ogden said if the BOD turns down a clear shot, then we need it in writing, ‘no bloody hocks.’

The BOD unanimously agreed we need to relay humane treatment of livestock message to members.


4th issue on agenda; Futurity concerns. Charlie Trayer opened discussion about direction of livestock during the Futurity. The BOD discussed best method to settle cattle and where and if panels are needed.


President Roberts asked if a Futurity Chairman should be nominated for Futurity duties and sponsors. The BOD discussed and decided to leave it open till someone steps up.


5th issue on agenda; By Laws. Charlie Trayer mentioned all BOD need to go through current By Laws and proposed changes to By Laws.


6th issue on agenda; life members. The BOD discussed there are 76 lifetime members at this time and very few are coming to the annual meeting which means the quorum will get more and more difficult to meet. Kenny Heman suggested not counting the life members against the meeting quorum; count them for it but never against it. BOD also discussed lowering the quorum but no motion made.


President Shane asked if there was any more discussion. No further discussion. Kenny Heman made motion to adjourn meeting. John Jacot 2nd motion. Meeting adjourned. 3:40 PM


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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