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Purchasing a Hangin' Tree Cowdog 



The Hangin' Tree Cowdog is an established breed, there are certain requirements to permanently register a Hangin' Tree Cowdog. For over 30 years the breed has been culled and refined to where at this time it breeds very consistent. When crossed on another breed it is just going backwards and all you get is a cross bred dog with no consistency.


There has been a concern for some time now for dogs being called or referred to as Hangin' Tree Cowdogs when they are not and being sold as Hangin' Tree Cowdogs but do not have registration papers. Also there have been a few dogs showing up around the country that are very questionable with permanent registration papers. It seems to be an ongoing discussion what to do about it. No matter what you try to do to control this dishonest people will still be dishonest and take advantage of unknowing people.


It is strongly recommend whether you are looking to purchase a Hangin' Tree Cowdog for the first time or looking for a new one to add to your kennel be cautious and careful where you get it. Do your homework and check out the seller and their integrity if you do not know them.

For any one purchasing a registered Hangin' Tree Cowdog you should be given a registration certificate (Appendix or Permanent), it would be to your advantage to check and look over the registration certificate that is given you. Registration certificates that have been altered or changed, whether by computer or hand written will not be honored by the Hangin' Tree Cowdog Association Inc. If you purchase a dog and find out later you cannot get registration papers and register the dog or find out the registration papers are not correct you are probably out of luck. It is strongly recommended you check out if there is a guarantee on the pup or dog you purchase, and if there is one, what it is good for. Be very specific.

Hangin' Tree Cowdog Association Inc.

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