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How do I order DNA kits and who collects the samples?

Members competing during the Futurity week:

You'll need to have DNA submitted by August 15th, 2020 for the results to be returned back to the association before Futurity time. Anyone who delays in this will not receive any winnings until the association has the DNA results.

How do I order DNA kits and who collects the samples?


     DNA kits cost $65 per kit and can be ordered using our online database or by printing the online 'Mail-In Order Form' (links below) and mailing it to the Hangin Tree Cowdog Association. The association will then mail the requested DNA kits to the owner with some information pre-filled out.

      As of June 15th, 2019, the owner can now collect their dogs blood sample for the DNA kit. 

     The owner will mail the DNA kits and DNA application back to the association, once complete. 

     Any damaged or contaminated kits will have to be re-ordered at full price.    

All questions on forms must be filled out. Do Not leave any blank questions.
Link:  DNA Mail-In Order Form
  Blood Card Collection Instructions

Contact: Melissa Ogden (DNA Administrator) with any questions requarding DNA.

Phone: 417-830-9278



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