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2017 DNA Update

2019 DNA Update

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The HTCA will be moving forward with 'Mandatory' DNA testing starting November 1st, 2019. This means a breeding that takes place November 1st or after, before that litter can be registered any BREEDING dogs (sire and dam) will need to be DNA tested before we'll issue appendix papers for their litter. The Mandatory DNA testing does NOT include the litter; therefor, you will NOT be required to DNA profile the puppies. The new database we're beginning to work with will have options for the members to be able to log-in and look-up any dogs they own (that have been transferred into their name) to see whether or not dogs have been DNA profiled. Contact Melissa Ogden at 417-830-9278 if you have any further questions. 

2017 DNA Update

    The Hangin' Tree Cowdog Association started the DNA program shortly after the 2015 Annual Meeting/Board of Directors meeting that fall. We began the program by taking 'Volunteer' DNA testing and initially set the program to change after six months to 'Mandatory' Breeding DNA testing; however, the mandatory phase never set in because of several reasons.                  

     Recently, the HTCA switched DNA testing facilities and have been receiving DNA certificates on schedule within six weeks or less of submitting them. The HTCA will now be submitting the received samples, from owners, bi-monthly and should receive the DNA certificates back within 4-6 weeks and will mail them out to the dog owners, thereafter. We are very excited to see the DNA program finally taking off and believe we made the very-needed and appropriate move to Therion Laboratories. 

      However, the switch wasn’t as easy as sending the previously tested results to the new laboratory; the HTCA had to re-submit ALL previously ran DNA samples to the new laboratory and have them re-tested with their technology. There are thousands of DNA markers to use and different DNA laboratories use different DNA markers which required the HTCA to re-test all samples. In September 2017, the HTCA sent Therion laboratory roughly 220 DNA samples (most were re-tests) and we have received most of the DNA certificates back. If you have a dog that has been DNA tested and you would like to receive the DNA certificate, contact Melissa Ogden at

417-830-9278 or    

      At this time, the HTCA is working on upgrading the associations database and until this step is completed we will not be switching to the ‘Mandatory’ phase of the DNA program. Once the new database has been integrated, we will set an appropriate time for the mandatory phase to begin.

Contact: Melissa Ogden (DNA Administrator) with any questions requarding DNA.

Phone: 417-830-9278



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