Register litters, permanently register dogs, order DNA, Transfers, etc...!

Members now have their own accounts and can see their dogs, pedigrees, and account info! 

To start an account,

Text Melissa at 417-830-9278 or email at


For online payments, we're using the NEW HTCA Database and welcome you to contact us to set up your account!

For existing or previous members, you'll use your email and a temporary password we'll give you, once you contact us; then you'll be in! Once in, you'll need to change your password.

For new members, you should be able to create an account from the database homepage and be ready to go!

Contact us at:

Association email:

Call or text:

Melissa Ogden cell: 417-830-9278

Database link:  HTCA Database

*At this time, there is only a mail-in form for the Futurity because of payment schedule.