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The 1st Annual
Hangin' Tree Cowdog
Futurity & Maturity



Results of 2015 Futurity:


1st Go Round: 


                             Dog                         Owner                   Score         Winnings


1st                       Pepper                 Charlie Trayer               80               $339

2nd                       Tiller                    Duane Webb               55               $226


2nd Go Round:


1st                        Pepper                 Charlie Trayer               70               $339

2nd                       Storm                  Gary Sullivan               60              $75.33

2nd                       Razor                  Jimmy Tillman            60               $75.33

2nd                       Snap                     Duane Webb               60               $75.33




Champion            Pepper           Charlie Trayer                180           $3,164 + Buckle

Res. Champion    Storm           Gary L. Sullivan               175           $1,365 + Buckle

3rd                          Razor            Jimmy Tillman              120           Buckle


3rd                          Snap                Duane Webb                120           Buckle



Results of 2015 Futurity Stud Dog Nomination:


Trayers’ Dan        Red & Chris Delaney & Charlie Trayer              $240



Results of 2015 Maturity:


1st Go Round:


                                  Dog                         Owner                   Score     Winnings


1st                             Dash                    Charlie Trayer            90             $50

2nd                           Kat Fish               Charlie Trayer            75             $30

3rd                            Hoss                     Wyatt Secor                60             $20


2nd Go Round:


1st                            Kat Fish               Charlie Trayer              115            $50

2nd                          Hoss                    Patrica Morgan             105           $30

3rd                           Girtie                   Jimmy Tillman             60            $10


3rd                           Dash                    Charlie Trayer               60            $10




Champion              Dash                    Charlie Trayer               265            $560

Res. Champion      Kat Fish              Charlie Trayer               220            $240


We are very thankful for our sponsors for our 1st Annual Futurity & Maturity.


Added money to Futurity.


Big Bend Trailers - Total Feeds - D & S Concrete Cutting (Dave Scott)



The noon meal is sponsored by Fair Field Farm & Ranch –

Utley Cattle Co.


Cattle & Trucking furnished by Shane & Wyn’d Roberts



Revival Animal Health Care      Fair Field Tractor     State Farm Ins.     KDT Construction
Utley Cattle Co.      Fair Field Farm & Ranch



Buckle Sponsors

Hwy 38 Arena      O.B. Utley
Gary Sullivan Sr.      Ernie Christmas
Charlie & Bonnie Trayer



Jacket Sponsors

Jimmy Tillman     John & Donna Jacot      Jody Mikles     Tim Miser      Shane & Wynd Roberts     Anthony Arnold      LaMont Hess     Jason Terrell      Patricia's Cowdogs     Grant Butler        Ogden Cattle Co.
Hwy 38 Arena     O.B. Utley      Gary Sullivan Sr.     Charlie & Bonnie Trayer

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