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2019 Special Board of Directors Meeting

August 1, 2019

1st issue on agenda.

Charlie Trayer has appointed Melissa Ogden to Hangin' Tree Association Secretary / Treasurer.  All board members and Advisory Director, Gary Ericsson voted to elect Kenny Heman to secretary / treasurer.   Melissa Ogden accepted the position.

2nd issue on agenda.

Supreme Qualifier 

Judges should no longer be required to stand together. They should be positioned so they can make sure all requirements are met. At all qualifying events all directors available will judge when not showing a dog, this way we should be able to position 2 judges at different locations. If a dog is not going to pass, stop the run immediately. There will be a judge’s sheet for each pair of judges.  If necessary we can designate another judge or two.

Sessions will be determined by the board of directors, no longer 2 in spring and 2 in fall.

Remove the wind rule.



Novice Class

Anyone that has won less than $300 is eligible to enter the Novice Class. Anyone that enters the Novice Class they cannot enter any of the other classes except the Youth Class if they are 16 years of age or younger.  Cattle charge for the Novice Class is $25.



Youth Class  

The Youth Class will run along with and following the novice class. 16 years of age and below. Each participant must get out there and compete and do it without help from parents or anyone else. We can modify the course as we see fit. The judges can stop the run if they feel necessary. $25 entry fee. The Champ and Res.Champ will receive buckles.


Cattle charge          


There will be a $50 cattle charge per entry for all entries except the Youth Class and the Futurity this year. This will be paid back to the people furnishing the cattle. 

All board members approved motion.

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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