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DNA profiling Multiple Sired litters

Please be advised on Multiple Sired Litters: if the two sires are closely related (i.e. father and son) an extended profile on ALL dogs involved might be required to determine the true sire of each pup. If this is the case it will be an ADDITIONAL $100 per dog (i.e. dam, sires, and all pups who cannot be determined without the extended profile) and this is NOT a guarantee that the extended markers will differentiate the pups between the sires. Further markers might need to be ran which will cost additional. It is HIGHLY advised that owners do not breed a dam to two or more related males; otherwise, it could cost the owner additional in DNA charges. 

DNA profiling Multiple Sired Litters

  • A Litter Can Only be Registered/DNA profiled with a Paid Active Membership

  • All Sires and Dam must be registered HTC's

  • Refer to the Multiple/Unknown Sired Litter paragraph for rules and regulations

  • Dam, potential sires, and whole litter must be DNA profiled

Steps For A Multiple Sired Litter:

  • Complete the Mail-in Order Form or go to the database and order the needed kits..

  • If the dam and potential sires have not previously been DNA profiled, the owner will need to order DNA kits for ALL parents and whole litter (Example: 2 sire, 1 dam, and 5 puppies is a total of 8 DNA kits).

  • Complete a Puppy Identification Form (link below) to keep track of puppy identities (keep for own records). See below for more details.

  • The dam and all potential sires need to be listed on the Multiple Sired Litter Application and, if not previously DNA profiled, listed on the DNA Application, too.  

  • Once DNA kits have been received and completed, mail appropriate forms, DNA kits, and the Registration Certificates (of parents) to the HTCA. 

All questions on forms must be filled out. Do Not leave any blank questions.
Link: Database
 Mail-In Order Form
 Blood Card Collection Instructions

Puppy Identification:

Link: Puppy Identification Form


The purpose of a 'Puppy Identification Form' is so the owner can fill it out during the DNA collection with all the puppies identifying colors and marks and have their appendix number beside their description. The puppy appendix number will also be listed on each DNA kit so make sure the appendix number on the kit matches the appendix number listed on the Puppy identification Form when filling out the description of the puppy that blood has been pulled from. Once the DNA kits have been processed, assuming the puppies were sired by a registered HTC, the owner will then receive their appendix papers and DNA certificate.

Each number is specific to a puppy once the blood has been drawn and placed on a DNA kit.


  • HTCA members will need to fill out the Puppy Identification Form to keep for their records

  • Members will need to keep individual puppy identities on record

  • DNA results, DNA numbers and appendix papers will all be specific to each puppy

Contact: Melissa Ogden (DNA Administrator) with any questions requarding DNA.

Phone: 417-830-9278



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