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What will the DNA profile tell me?

What will the DNA profile tell me?


     A DNA profile will begin to link all registered Hangin Tree Cowdogs together. The profile will confirm that a sire and dam truely are the parents of their papered progeny. Any siblings that are profiled will confirm they are, in fact, siblings and the same goes for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and so on.

     If a dog is DNA profiled that isn't the son or daughter it's claimed to be, then the DNA markers will not match to the other profiled dogs and the owners will be contacted about their dog.

     The DNA program is a very intricate system and as more and more dogs are profiled, it will begin to link together the Hangin Tree Cowdogs.

     The DNA program will not be used to see if unregistered dogs can be registered or to see if your dog is a Hangin Tree Cowdog, afterall. The program will only be used for registered Hanging Tree Cowdog's. 

Contact: Melissa Ogden (DNA Administrator) with any questions requarding DNA.

Phone: 417-830-9278



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