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2010 Annual Meeting

November 5, 2010


Seymour, Texas


President Craig Jensen called the meeting to order at 12:50pm


Roll call taken with sign in sheet passed around before the meeting began.


31 present        28 current members present


Copies of minutes from last meeting (Oct. 17, 2009] passed our before meeting so everyone could read them.


Anthony Arnold made motion to accept passed minutes. John Jacot 2nd the motion. Motion carried.


Members present had the opportunity to renew membership for 2011 year..


President's Report:

Craig Jensen thanked Charlie for putting on this event: for taking care of the mailings. info, food, setup, etc.


Executive Director's Report:

$5,921.00 in checking $1,779.00 in saving. 66 members in 2010


Registered 43 litters in 2010. Permanently registered 30 dogs in 2010.


Unfinished Business:

New business from last meeting was about determining possibility of a lifetime membership. Talked about in last board of directors meeting but again discussion was left unfinished. Need to make a final decision after opening once again to discussion.


Bruce Hopgood asked if this was related to Gary Ericsson's lifetime membership. President Craig Jensen reported this was only in regard to offering members the option of paying a one-time lifetime membership. Chris Rickard stated he didn't believe we needed to nickel and dime members to death for something as cheap as $25/year. Grant Butler stated that in the Border Collie Association they offer a yearly membership for $10/year for a lifetime for the equivalent of 10 times the yearly dues or $100. Guy Maberry pointed out that at 13 times the annual dues the club would lose money due to inflation and stated it would need to be at least 20 times the annual fee. JP Metzler stated he thinks we need to pay year after year so the club always has money coming in. Grant Butler made the argument that new members will continually be joining to keep fresh dues coming in. A show of hands for the members who would take advantage of the lifetime membership showed only one member in attendance was willing to buy a lifetime membership.


JP Metzler motioned to keep only annual memberships and not allow any lifetime memberships to be available. Sarah McGinnis 2nd the motion. Show of hands: 14 Affirmed 4 Opposed. Motion carries.


Other old business was in regard to allowing proxy voting. The Board unanimously voted against allowing proxy voting at the last board meeting. Proxy voting will not be allowed.


New Business:

Charlie opened new business related to the past vote to create a cut-off date for accepting old litter numbers from the old registry. The prior registry had given 3 litter numbers out that Charlie was aware of (to Jody, Melvin, and one other person he couldn't recall) and the new registry agreed to uphold those litter numbers. Then more old litter numbers started coming in that the new registry was unaware of. At the last meeting the vote passed creating a cut-off date for accepting these old litters by 10/31/09. Charlie explained a man by the name of Hal Grayson was currently trying to register a dog that Melvin Cyphers had seen work and approved, but he approved them before he knew the puppy papers were from the old registry and were no longer valid. When asked why he waited, Hal told Charlie he wasn't sure the new registry was going to survive and didn't want to waste his money until he was sure the registry was solid. Charlie also reminded the members that rules had been made and that the strength of this Association would be benefited by adhering to rules already voted upon and set. Charlie also stated he intended to honor his commitment made to Gary to run this registry to the best of his ability.


Discussion: JP Metzler felt the motion was already passed at the last meeting to adhere to the cut-off date and feels the rules should stand as they are. Britt George wondered why puppy papers that say ”Hangin Tree" on them were not being honored. Justin Janda said he got a dog that never got puppy papers due to the old registry problem, but the registry was able to straighten this out once he discovered what he needed to have in order to satisfy the requirements of the new registry; he felt if it hadn't been straightened out he stated might not have become member of this organization. Grant Butler asked about the deadline for permanent registration, to which the President responded that there isn't one. Nicole Rhodes could vouch for the dog in question and knew that it was the correct dog from the correct parents listed on the old puppy papers, but also stated the dog in question is 2 yrs old and this maybe should've been taken care of sooner. President Jensen stated that the board will make the final decision, but having heard the discussion we are probably thinking the board will not break the decision set forth by last year's vote to honor the cut-off date on the old puppy papers.


Other new business Charlie wanted to know member's opinion on whether or not to continue to print the membership certificates he sent out last year. In discussion, Jimmy Tillman stated he cherished his certificate; had it framed in his office. Craig Jensen suggested we might be able to just put out a new year to go on the old certificates. Nicole Rhodes further offered that we could print a ”business card" to be placed in a holder on the certificates that could be reused year after year to save on printing costs.


Members voted by show of hands to print new certificates each year. 14 voted for, 3 were against (wanted just a business card to adhere to old certificates). New certificates will be printed each year.


Bruce Hopgood suggested the Association award a plaque honoring Gary Ericsson in person at next year's meeting. He also stated he'd be willing to pay for the plaque if money became the issue. Craig Jensen stated that he felt the consensus among members is this would be a good idea.


Motion was made by Guy Maberry to award Gary Ericsson a plaque ”in appreciation for founding the Hangin Tree Cowdog" to be paid for by the Association. Motion 2nd by Anthony Arnold. Motion carried.


Election of Directors:

President Jensen explained the 6 member board is a staggered seating where 2 chairs become open for re-election every 2 years, and that the board determines the President, Secretary, etc. positions within itself. This year the two seats becoming available are Sarah McGinnis and Guy Maberry. Both affirmed they would be willing to serve another term.


Melvin Cyphers “made a motion to re-elect current seat-holders by acclamation. Anthony Arnold 2nd the motion. By show of hands: 20 affirmed 0 opposed. Motion carried.


Other business:

President Craig Jensen wanted input on next year's meeting date. Members seemed to agree this time of year was good. Also, felt that next year's meeting should be further north, however, with wanting to get Gary in attendance for the plaque presentation perhaps Oklahoma would be best. Item tabled for further discussion.


Jimmy Tillman wanted to know if ”Hangin Tree Cowdog Association" was a copyrighted name by the club. He felt we should look into this.


Motion to adjourn by Repps Guitar. Sarah McGinnis 2nd the motion.

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