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2014 Annual Meeting

October 18, 2014


Guthrie, Oklahoma


Holiday Inn Express Conference Room1 P.M.


Prior to the meeting Executive Director Charlie Trayer passed out a roll call sheet for all members to sign. 119 current members 46 current members present


Copies of the 2013 annual meeting minutes were passed out for the membership to read.


President Maberry did not call the meeting to order. Instead President Maberry started talking about bylaw infractions. From the moment Maberry started talking the membership started getting upset. Maberry stated that by following the bylaws we could not have a meeting. His entire reason for not having the meeting was due to the Ohio statues. He said "In the absence of definition in our bylaws that Ohio State Statues take over".


The fact is there is no absence in our bylaws, it clearly states that the annual meeting has to be held in October and it also clearly defines the requirements for a quorum.


Maberry states that if we don’t believe him to call the Ohio State District Attorney. He also states the association is being run by a dictator.


Jan Dawson informed Maberry that states do not have District Attorney’s. She also informed him that through feelings of the membership it is questionable who is trying to be a dictator.


Maberry’s argument was that if we negate the September meeting then it would set a precedence and all the other meetings would have to be negated. That if we negated the September meeting we could open ourselves up to a lawsuit.


The fact is that not realizing that we were in conflict of our bylaws and having a meeting in the wrong month without a quorum and then immediately correcting the problem by having another meeting, as outlined in the bylaws would protect us from a lawsuit. Knowingly dismissing this meeting, where enough members were present, and where it was held in the correct month, and accepting the September meeting would have been more of a cause for a possible lawsuit. As soon as we figured out that the September meeting was not right, we as a board did the proper thing by having another meeting as set forth in our bylaws.


Maberry also stated that Gary Ericsson is only an Advisory Director and the Charlie Trayer is only an Executive Director and that neither have no membership privileges or no right to vote and should not be counted when deciding the majority of the board. Charlie Trayer handed Maberry an excerpt from Robert’s Rules of Order that states, “Without exception all officers and members of boards and committees have exactly the same rights and privileges as do all other members, including, of course, the right to vote”. After Maberry read this he stated that Robert’s Rules of Order did not apply in Ohio.


Gary Ericsson stated that if anyone did not like the rules we have to go someplace else and start their own thing. They could do whatever they wanted but not use the Hangin Tree Cowdog name. While Gary Ericsson was trying to speak Maberry tried to talk at the same time and had to be told to wait his turn.


J.R. Bailey stated that we realize that we made mistakes in the past but we cannot correct those but we can correct the present situation.


Grant Butler stated he felt that with the membership present we could hold an annual meeting and discuss all the business that needs taken care of. Grant also asked what part of the South Dakota meeting was Maberry wanting to protect?


Jan Dawson asked Maberry what is he trying to accomplish by not having this meeting?

The question was asked several times what was the reason for not wanting to negate the meeting in South Dakota and Maberry avoided the question each time stating that if we did that we would have to negate all previous meetings or we would be in trouble with the state of Ohio.



The fact is that not realizing that we were in conflict of our bylaws and having a meeting in the wrong month without a quorum and then immediately correcting the problem by having another meeting, as outlined in the bylaws would protect us from a lawsuit. Knowingly dismissing this meeting, where enough members were present, and where it was held in the correct month, and accepting the September meeting would have been more of a cause for a possible lawsuit. As soon as we figured out that the September meeting was not right, we as a board did the proper thing by having another meeting as set forth in our bylaws.


Jan Dawson said we have enough members present to hold a meeting why are we not holding one. Gary Ericsson owned the name and he can do what he wants with it.


Maberry says where does it show he owns the name?


Jan Dawson replied it does not need to show that Gary has had ownership of the name for over 35 years and that will take president over all else. The name is already established by Gary using it for all these years. It is a property right of Gary’s.


J.R. Bailey stated that he drove over 1,600 miles to come to this meeting and that if the president was going to call this meeting off he should have notified the membership. He said he thinks the president is not fit for the job and needs to be impeached.


John Jacot informed Maberry and his following that if it was not for Gary Ericsson and Charlie Trayer they would not even have any Hangin Tree Cowdogs and they could not be selling them for the money they are. John stated that they think they can get rid of Charlie Trayer then be the big man of the Hangin Tree breed. John’s statement was received with much applause from the membership.


Gary Ericsson stated that it is the month of October and we have a large membership present. He asked for a show of hands for who would like to have an annual meeting. All but 5 or 6 of the 46 members present raised their hands.


Gary Ericsson called the meeting to order.


Jimmy Tillman moved to negate South Dakota meeting and have meeting now. Jan Dawson second. Motion passed.


Guy Maberry declared that he was going to resign from the board of directors. His resignation was met with a large applause and cheering from the membership.


Board member Tim Miser asked that while we are taking resignations if anyone else wanted to resign. Melvin Cyphers also quickly resigned.


Charlie Trayer informed the two that resigned that we need a written resignation. Both Cyphers and Maberry turned in a written resignation.


Election of the Board of Directors


Gary Ericsson explained that two members of the board were up for reelection, Craig Jensen and John Jacot. Craig said he would like to step down from the board.


Gary Ericsson nominated Shane Roberts to replace Craig on the board. Brit George nominated Fred Todd. Todd declined the nomination.


Jimmy Tillman nominated John Jacot to remain on the board.


Gary Ericsson announced the nominations ceased. Second by Jan Dawson.


John Jacot and Shane Roberts elected by a unanimous vote.


Due to resignations two vacancies were created. One for a one year term and one for a two year term.


For the one year term Jimmy Tillman nominated Mike Craddock. Brit George nominated Herman Cook. Nominations ceased. For two nominees a ballot vote was taken. Mike Craddock received 35 votes. Herman Cook received 4 votes. Mike Craddock elected.


For the two year term Gary Ericsson nominated Grant Butler. No other nominations. Grant Butler elected by unanimous vote.


At this point Jimmy Tillman took charge of the meeting.


Jan Dawson made the motion to accept the minutes of the 2013 annual meeting. Valarie Butler second the motion. Motion passed.


Jimmy Tillman reported on DNA testing. Jimmy has been in contact with a man in California named Eric Johnston that is very knowledgeable and has had probably as much or more experience with DNA testing as anyone. Mr. Johnston recommended creating a list of foundation dogs and having them tested. These dogs would be the base to go by. Eric Johnson recommended going with a 2 step process. The first step would be collecting and processing DNA from foundation stock. Foundation stock would be the older dogs of the breed. Then storing this information in two locations. This information will be stored forever and can be accessed at any time. We would need to get someone to store and file the data for this. Mr. Johnson recommended a lady named Melissa Gonzalez to do this that is working with the ABBI which has set the standard for this. Jimmy has contacted her and she would be willing to help with this. She would develop a DNA data base and keep the records for this. The DNA process will take care of identification of the dogs. The estimated cost will be about $60 per dog. Much discussion on this subject. Gary Ericsson stated that there are dogs showing up around the country that are very questionable as to their breeding.


Charlie Trayer made the motion to appoint a volunteer committee of about six members which are very interested in DNA testing to look into all the angles of this and establish a program that will work. Motion second by Anthony Arnold. Motion carried.


Craig Jensen suggested that when the committee gets a program lined out that they try it themselves to see how it will work out.


Jimmy Tillman will be chairman of this committee. Members of the committee are:

Jan Dawson, Melissa Ogden, Anthony Arnold, Shane Roberts, Travis Stone


J.R. Bailey asked about how we choose the location for the meeting. Charlie Trayer explained that when planning a meeting we try to have other events along with it so we can draw a larger membership. To have a clinic and trial we need to have a good location and available stock. Mike Langford suggested that the border collie association has a nice facility near the red river that could be an option.


Jimmy Tillman turned the floor over to Charlie Trayer to explain about the futurity.


Charlie Trayer explained to the membership that in 2015 we are going to start having an annual a futurity for Hangin Tree Cowdogs only. The two main reasons for doing this is to generate money for the association and promote the Hangin Tree Cowdog. We want to have a ranch type trial (meaning we will work the dogs in a pasture setting). We will start taking nominations or entries January 1 2015. Your dog or dogs (no limit) cannot be over 24 months old on November 1 2015 (whelped after Nov. 1 2013). The first entry fee will be $50 when you enter your dog. Thereafter every 2 months an additional $50 fee must be paid to remain entered up until futurity time. Total fee $300. At any time through the year you can enter a dog by paying a late fee of double the normal entry fee. The dog can be appendix registered when entered but must be permanently registered at futurity time. We will also have a maturity (dogs over 24 months). Also a stud dog nomination where people can nominate their stud dog for $100. All studs nominated go into a pot. If a pup out of one of these stud dogs wins the futurity the owner of the stud gets 80% of the pot and the association gets 20%. If no dog wins it rolls over to the next year.


We feel in time this could turn into a good thing.


A dog sale was discussed but no decision made.


Question about the data base. Charlie Trayer explained there have been individuals wanting the association data base put on the internet. That is not going to happen. There are two reasons why. One is that of these people cross breeding the Hangin Tree Cowdogs and talking of starting their own association they will not have access to our data base. The second reason is that no association or registry of any animal whether it be dog, cow, horse or anything else puts their complete data base on the internet. Charlie explained what we could do is do like the Quarter Horse Association where if you are a member you can pay a fee and look up the pedigree of a horse. To do this would be a complicated process to set this up. Then we would have to be set up on a Pay Pal account for the member to be able to pay online to pay for a pedigree. The Pay Pal account will cost $30 per month plus a fee for each transaction. Charlie stated he feels that after a few months the interest would drop off to where the service would probably not pay for itself. The other thing we have discussed is for a fee (to make money for the association) sent to the association you name a dog and will be sent an extended pedigree. Charlie has been working on this and hopes to get it on the web site in the near future.


The life time membership idea came up again and was discussed a short time but nothing decided.


Duane Webb made the motion to adjourn, Bonnie Trayer second. Meeting adjourn 2:50 P.M.


Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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