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2017 Special Board of Directors Meeting

October 9, 2017

Decatur, TX     -NRS Ranch

Executive Director Charlie Trayer called the meeting to order at 5:34 P.M.

Board members present were;

 Jason Terrell  Shane Roberts  Trevon Ogden

 John Jacot   Charlie Trayer  

Melissa Ogden - DNA & Web Site Administrator 

WynD’ Lee Roberts – help take minutes


1st issue on agenda:

Approval of futurity pay out. Shane Roberts moved to accept the pay out as documented. Jason Terrell 2nd. Motion carried.


2nd issue on agenda:

Age of futurity dogs. There have been requests to raise the age limit on futurity dogs. Charlie Trayer stated he feels that if we raise the age anymore we might as well quit having a futurity, he feels that a 2 ½ year old dog belongs in the maturity. Jason Terrell stated that we changed the age last year and it is not right to keep changing every year. All board members agreed that if we continue to change the age breeders cannot plan and breed for futurity age dogs if it keeps

changing every year. John Jacot made the motion to keep the age at 27 months, Shane Roberts 2nd. Motion carried.


3rd issue on the agenda:

“Supreme Hangin’ Tree Cowdog." The board of directors have been working on this for some time now and getting a set of guide lines to go buy. The dogs that meet the qualifications will demonstrate that they are all around good cattle dogs and can do more than bite and breed. Charlie Trayer has kept Gary Ericsson informed and requested his input on all of this. Gary feels that having this qualification should encourage the membership to want to breed to better quality dogs and buy better quality pups. Charlie Trayer stated that the board of directors need to have complete control of the program because it is new and probably there will be minor changes that will need to be made and the board needs to have the authority to do so. Otherwise the program will be delayed until another annual meeting to vote to make changes on it.  John Jacot made the motion to accept the guide lines that have been established and present it to the membership at the annual meeting on Oct. 14. Shane Roberts 2nd. Motion carried.


4th issue on the agenda:

DNA. Melissa Ogden explained the many issues we have been having are attributed to the DNA laboratory we initially started with. We changed to a different lab and our result turnover seems to be much more efficient. Melissa explained that the cost to us is a little more and wanted to know if the board feels we need to increase our price to the membership. John Jacot made the motion to keep the price at $65 (the same). Trevon Ogden 2nd. Motion carried. Melissa also stated that she feels we need to wait until at least the first of the year (Jan 2018)  to start mandatory testing. This will give us time to get the data base and other issues straightened out.


Trevon Ogden made the motion to adjourn, John Jacot 2nd. Meeting adjourn

Submitted by Executive Director Charlie Trayer

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